Frederick County Fair: 10 Reasons to Visit

Visiting the Frederick County Fair each year is just what we do for us Fredericktonians. Even the Frederick County Public School system gives school children a day off during Frederick County Fair week so everybody gets a chance to thoroughly enjoy it before the week is up. After all, the Frederick County Fair has a … Read more

Summers Farm: The Most Important Reasons You Should Visit

If you live in Frederick or the surrounding area, you’ve most likely already visited Summers Farm know that they’re THE place to go this fall! Well we’re going to give you the most important reasons you should visit! Summers Farm 1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Summers Farm What better time to enjoy the great … Read more

Distilleries in Frederick Md: Marking Their Territory in Downtown Frederick

Distilleries in Frederick Md

Distilleries in Frederick Md are marking their territory (distillery cat pun) on Frederick’s craft beverage scene in a big way! And, if you’re familiar with Frederick, Maryland, you already know that craft breweries and cideries have become THE thing these days. As a result, Frederick is becoming quite the eclectic town. And we love it! … Read more

6 Benefits of Walking For Your Well Being!

6 Benefits of Walking For Your Well Being!

In this post, you’ll learn some great benefits of walking for your well being! You’l’l also get some great resources on local walking trails, walks for charity, Volksmarching events, good recommendations on walking gear, some great walking videos for indoors, and how to prevent injuries. I’m pretty sure everybody knows that walking is good for … Read more