Free Things to Do in Frederick Md This Summer

Free & Low Cost Summer Activities in Frederick, Maryland

With the economy the way it is, everyone can benefit from our list of free things to do in Frederick, Md this Summer! Whether you were born and raised in Frederick or you’re a visitor to Frederick, our town has SO much to offer! And because we’re so nice, we’ve also included low cost summer … Read more

The Top 5 Causes of a House Fire & How You Can Prevent One

The Top 5 Causes of a House Fire & How You Can Prevent One

In light of the horrible house fire that tragically took the lives of 2 precious little girls in our town, it is always good to have a refresher on house fire safety. Each year fire claims the lives of 3,500 Americans, injures 18,300, and causes billions of dollars worth of damage.   The leading cause … Read more

What is Occupational Therapy? Your Answer From An Occupational Therapist

What is Occupational Therapy? I get this question often. What is Occupational Therapy? What we do for a living becomes a big part of our identities. Whether you work part-time, full-time or all-the-time as a mom, a huge amount of your energy is dedicated to your “occupation”. My occupation happens to be Occupational Therapy. Most … Read more