Birthday Cake Shooter Recipe! Cheers To Your Birthday!

This ridiculously easy Birthday Cake Shooter recipe uses only 4 ingredients. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just the run-of-the-mill shooter! On the contrary, it’s a super special shooter recipe because it’s for your birthday! A Drink For Your Special Day! It just so happens that this week is Pam’s and my … Read more

Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe with Peaches & Almond Milk

Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe

This delicious and healthy vanilla protein shake recipe is my favorite go-to whenever I want to get all of my good-for-you foods blended up into one glass. With almond milk, almond butter, vanilla protein powder, peaches and cinnamon, it’s so frothy good! Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe I love nutty and I love fruity. Add those … Read more

Frozen Margarita Recipe: Watermelon Jalapeno!

Watermelon Jalapeno Frozen Margarita

This frozen margarita recipe isn’t your every day frozen concoction! If you’re looking for something different in the frozen margarita department, try our Watermelon Jalapeno recipe! Frozen Margarita Recipe We are coming up on a 3 day weekend – Labor Day weekend to be exact!  AND, in my family, we have several birthdays to celebrate! … Read more