Paint Night in Frederick Md: Great Paint Parties!

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Paint night has become quite the thing over the last several years and Frederick has no shortage of these fun events!

I mean who wouldn’t love to get together with their girlfriends, break bread, drink wine, and get crafty, all while catching up on each other’s lives?

Paint Night in Frederick Md

One of my friends, Jen, had posted her painting that she did at a paint night recently and I was SO impressed!

I mean, how cool is this?

You go to an art studio, or you have the artist meet you either at your home, or any other appropriate space you choose.

The trained artist sets everything up for you and guides you throughout your painting session.

And, then you get to take your masterpiece home to display in your home, OR even give as a gift!

I love it – unique, fun, creative, relaxing – AND you have an end product!

Great Paint Parties LLC

I asked my friend Jen where she had her paint party, and she highly recommended the place – it’s called Great Paint Parties, LLC in Frederick, MD.

Christine Kenney is the owner/artist.

So, I decided that it’s high time to have our very first Housewives of Frederick County Meet ‘n Greet!

What better way to have fun and get to know each other than a paint party!

The Paint Night Artist Handles All of The Details

Christine handled all of it – she created an online flyer for us to post on our Facebook page, in order to promote the event.

I was a little nervous that we may not entice the required 15 people to have the party.

Turns out, we didn’t have any problem getting enough people to join us!

Some of the people who signed up were:

  • Our new friends from our gym
  • One of our best friends who brought another friend
  • And even two of our high school alumni who we keep in touch with on Facebook

Before the party, Christine gave Pam and I a wide variety of choices of paintings to choose from.

Pam absolutely LOVES hydrangeas and I wanted anything flowery or Springy, so we chose one with a vase of hydrangeas.

Our Paint Night Art

Everybody brought a light snack and whatever they wanted to drink.

Bring wine & finger foods to your event

Not gonna lie – I was nervous before the party.

As happy-go-lucky as I am, I have a bit of a social anxiety – so, every time I get ready to go to any type of social event I get nervous.

It’s a curse.

Paint Night is Fun and Relaxing

But, once we got there and got situated, and especially once we started painting, my nervous excitement went away and was replaced with a fun, relaxed feeling!

There’s really something about putting paint to canvas.

It’s so freeing and refreshing.

Creating a piece of art evokes happiness

Christine was EXTREMELY patient with all of us and took us through the painting one step at a time.

She would come around to each of us and give us advice, or even help us correct mistakes.

Turns out you can take a wet paper towel and wipe paint off the canvas when you make a mistake!

Our paint night artwork step by step

Not a Stranger in the Room By The End of Paint Night

By the end of the night, there was not a stranger in the room.

In that 3-hour-plus time period, we laughed so much together!

There literally was a bonding that happened amongst all of us! We all had so much fun!

Pam and I knew many of the ladies before the party, but many didn’t know each other.

I honestly believe I couldn’t have brought a more fun group of ladies together if I had hand-picked them!

Paint Night is all about friendships

Once we were all done, Christine got a group shot of all of us holding our masterpieces.

I feel like the theme that night wasn’t just about creativity and trying something you’ve never done before.

I also feel like the theme ended up being about FRIENDSHIP.

A Paint Night we won't soon forget

One of our best friends, Cristi, is ALWAYS there for us – no matter what.

Our new friends from our gym who, although we’ve only been going to the gym a few times a week for about two months, feel like family to us now.Serious with our masterpieces

Our two other high school alumni (Cristi is the third), who we talk to regularly on Facebook, but haven’t seen for 30 years, chose to join us!!

Catching up with friends at paint night

And, the ladies we didn’t know before the party, who we laughed with, we would happily call them friends now!

Can’t Stop Talking About How Much Fun We Had

It’s been almost a week since our paint party and we all haven’t stopped talking about it!

Everybody wants to do it again, and we’re talking about how fun it would be to try it in a different setting (Christine is really flexible and is open to that).

So, if you’re thinking you’d like to try something new and different….and SO much fun, check out Great Paint Parties, LLC!

It truly is a friend-bonding experience!A fun paint night was had by all

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Paint Night in Frederick Md: Great Paint Parties!

4 thoughts on “Paint Night in Frederick Md: Great Paint Parties!”

  1. This was such a fun experience! What a great studio right in town! Perfect setting for a great paint night! Christine was a great instructor, was helpful and even though it was a large crowd, she made her way around the room to help and answer questions and give personal instruction. Great class for beginners and experienced painters alike! Your article really describes the evening well! We were all laughing and having such a great time together! It’s always fun to see you girls – you keep everyone smiling! It was also great to meet new friends, and of course see Amy! Thank you for organizing a great girls night out!! I’m already going again on Saturday!

  2. Another great article. Everything she said is true such a fun time with old friends and new. I took my mom and count be happier that we went. Christine is as great as Terri describes. I’m definitely in on the next one if theirs room. Lol I bet people will be clawing to get a spot. Lol.


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