Welcome Home! Achieving Local Marketplace Success

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Welcome Home!

You’re probably wondering why after almost 5 years of blogging we’re writing this phrase.

Pam and I have always written about things we know and love.

We consistently strive to be an interesting, relevant, and fun resource for you, our readers.

While we realize that you really enjoy the content we offer, we know that we’re not experts on every topic we cover!

Recently, we decided we needed a change.

We agreed that bringing in a few fresh-faced, inspiring, fellow Frederick peeps, who are experts in their field, would add some spice to Housewives of Frederick County!

I mean, sometimes we even get tired of “us“.

Most of all, we know that you will adore our new contributors as much as we do!

First up is a local, licensed realtor, who just happens to have an awesome personality and is a perfect fit for Housewives of Frederick County.

And, ladies, we finally have some testosterone to add to the blog!

Welcome home J.T. Smith!

Welcome Home!

J.T. is a native Fredericktonian.

J.T. is a proud member of the Re/Max Results brokerage, here in Frederick, Maryland.

He and his wife Lauren Olson, a long-time top-grossing agent, and the rest of their team comprise Olson, Smith & Co.

They are listed in the Top 100 real estate teams of the Mid Atlantic Region!

Why did we choose a Realtor as a contributor?

Well, we believe everybody should choose a realtor whenever the decision is made to buy or sell a home.

J.T. titled his first post for Housewives of Frederick County “Welcome Home”.

Although, he meant that to reflect his real estate content, Pam and I feel like that has a dual meaning.

Welcome Home!

Welcome J.T.!  We are so happy to have you as a part of our team!

You can find Olson, Smith & Co. on Facebook and Instagram #ProudMarylandHomeOwner!

Welcome Home!

Planning for Real Estate Success

Here’s how we’re going to plan for your real estate success!

It’s a well accepted fact that the basic necessities of life are food, water, and shelter.

And, as modern life has become seemingly more and more convoluted, this truth-filled fact remains.

We need shelter to survive, to grow, and to thrive.

Welcome Home!

This, coupled with my passion to assist folks in sifting through the fog and realizing their dreams, combining my legal education and extensive sales and marketing experience made real estate a natural conglomeration of my passions.

Houses are Selling Fast

Speaking of sifting through the fog – right now in our local market, houses are selling fast.

It’s a break-neck, dizzying experience for the unprepared, leaving them bewildered by the process.

It seems like every day my wife, Lauren, and I professionally list and market a home.

And within a few short days, sometimes hours, we’ve received multiple offers.

These offers maximize financial return for our Sellers.

Welcome Home!

So, in this market, it is vitally important to account for these dynamics.

Only a professional realtor can assure you that security.

Plan with a Full-Time Agent

As a Buyer it’s equally, if not more important to plan with a full-time agent.

Someone who has developed relationships with local Lenders, can help you sort through the details, and boil down to the facts you need to find yourself at the front of the line in this marketplace.

This will result in you realizing your very own success!

So, when “the Housewives” asked me to join their team and share my insight to assist their readers – I had to sign on!

Welcome Home!

As the “First Man of the Housewives of Frederick County” (I may take too much pride in that self-appointed title), I look forward to selling you on why it’s a smart decision to use a Realtor.

I’ll also help you to ensure your financial success when buying and selling, while all-the-while keeping you in the loop with our local marketplace.

Lastly, I look forward to sharing knowledge that transcends real estate, into arenas such as: small business development and management, sales and marketing, and financial planning, to name a few.

Now it’s time for how I’ll end every blog post:

Brass Tacks of the Local Marketplace

  • Low inventory of homes for sale makes it a great time to consider selling, maximizing your $$$
  • Historically low interest rates, while on the rise remain low = cash remains cheap for Buyer’s to borrow
  • Local market is moving fast. Talking to a realtor is vitally important to ensure your success today!

Next Month we’ll discuss:

10 Simple Steps How To Prepare for Success in the Real Estate Marketplace.

Have questions for J.T.?

Let us know in the comments and he’ll be sure to find the answer for you!

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  1. Great information on the business of real estate, no matter if you are in the market today or tomorrow. Looking forward for the next Blog.

    Good Folks, as we say in my neck of the woods.


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