Joy For All Companion Pets Bring Joy To Your Aging Parent

Joy For All Companion Pets by Hasbro are amazingly lifelike, robotic cats and dogs that move and make realistic sounds. These companion pets bring so much joy and companionship to older people who tend to get very lonely and who are incapable of taking care of a real pet. Joy For All Companion Pets “Where … Read more

6 Aging in Place Solutions To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

6 Aging in Place Solutions To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

In this post, I, your resident Occupational Therapist, will give you aging in place solutions to keep your loved ones safe and happy at home! Whether it’s your aging parent or grandparent, or even a senior citizen in your neighborhood – we all want the best for this, often-times, vulnerable population. In this post, I … Read more

A Chocolate Alcohol Drink For Valentines Day: Chocolate Kiss Shooter!

Chocolate Kiss Shooter!

Our chocolate alcohol drink, Chocolate Kiss Shooter, will totally put you in the mood for love on Valentines Day! Your appreciation for chocolate and for those who you love can be celebrated on this day with a delicious Godiva Chocolate Liqueur shooter. Chocolate Alcohol Drink with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur This year’s big holidays are over, … Read more