Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

This last minute DIY Halloween costume was so much fun to put together for my son!

All it took was some thinking out of the box and some creativity to transform him from my son into the Clash of Clans Wizard.

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

Every Halloween, he wants to dress up in a costume that I either can’t find anywhere OR the costume is crazy expensive.

Particularly, this year he wanted to be the Wizard from Clash of Clans.

This is what the Wizard looks like.

Last Minute DIY Costume: Just in Time For Halloween

Needless to say, I couldn’t find the costume anywhere online except for on Ebay and it was $104.

Um, no!

Therefore, it all came down to the last minute, as always, where I was scrambling to put something together for him.

Making our last minute DIY Halloween costume come to life

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

I frantically searched on Pinterest and came up with a few ideas.

So, I decided it looked easy enough for me to make Wizard come to life with a little imagination.

And really, that’s all we need is some imagination.

To be honest, putting together a DIY Halloween costume is so much more fun because you’re not just taking the costume out of the box and placing it on your child.

Instead, you’re actually putting some thought into it to make it extra special.

Our DIY Costume Was A Success!

The below photo is my son at his school’s Halloween party.

Pretty darn good right?

Clearly, he was super excited to be the Wizard!

Not only was he the ONLY Wizard among his friends, but also in his entire school.

Yup, I am that cool mom!

Last Minute DIY Costume: Just in Time For Halloween

Costume Supplies:

Here’s what you need to make this last minute DIY Halloween costume – Clash of Clans Wizard:

  • Blue hooded jacket or robe
    • I found an Everlast jacket at my local Kmart
  • Brown shirt
    • We already had one in his dresser with an image on it, so we turned it inside out.
  • Dark blue pants
    • Already had them.
  • Wide brown belt with big gold square buckle
    • We didn’t have a belt like this, so I made one with construction paper. It wasn’t the best and it ripped by the time Halloween was done, but it worked. I used shipping tape to hold it together as good as possible.
    • You can also search for a “pirate belt” on Amazon.
  • Fire ball
    • Yeah, we didn’t have any fire balls laying around the house, so my husband, being the MacGyver that he is, found one of those lighted spinning party disco wands lying around the house.
    • You can get one on Amazon, called a Party Disco Wand, or pretty much any dollar store.
Party Disco Wand
  • I came up with the idea to tape artificial maple leaves over top of the globe of the party disco wand to make it look like fire. You can get these leaves at any craft store.
  • Face Paint Marker/Stick
    • I used this to draw his eyebrows and mustache/goatee.

The Final Look

Last Minute DIY Costume: Just in Time For Halloween

And there ya have it!

Technically, the Wizard should have dark brown boots on, but my son didn’t have any so I just had him wear his comfortable sneakers.

In the big scheme of things, it really didn’t matter.

Practicality comes first and foremost when you’re putting together a last minute DIY costume.

Not only was my son wearing it in his classroom Halloween party, but also he was wearing it for Halloween night.

It was perfect because the costume was warm enough for the brisk temperatures and his sneakers helped him run faster for trick-or-treating!

Last Minute DIY Costume: Just in Time For Halloween

Obviously, it was a great Halloween!

Lastly, here’s hoping that my son wants to dress up as something next Halloween that I can easily find or make.

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Last Minute DIY Costume: Just in Time For Halloween
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