Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness

Recently Terri and I were contacted by Bess Burnett, owner of the brand new Massage Envy in Urbana, Maryland.

Bess asked us if we would like complimentary massages and facials in exchange for an honest review of Massage Envy.

Our response? “Well, let us think about it……Um! Yes please!”

After our visit with Massage Envy Urbana, we were quickly reminded that getting a massage, thankfully, isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s truly a way of maintaining total body wellness.

Massage Envy Urbana

Getting to know Bess and the staff at Massage Envy Urbana was so refreshing!

They are all so friendly, down to earth and knowledgeable.

Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness

We also loved the fact that at Massage Envy, you can cater your massage or facial to your individual needs, such as adding enhanced therapies like muscle therapy, aromatherapy, exfoliating hand or foot treatments, & anti-aging eye treatment.

They even have a couples massage room in case you’d like to bring your significant other, a friend, your Mom, or in our case, your sister, to enjoy the benefits with you!

Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness
Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness

Our facials were so enjoyable and invigorating that Terri and I both asked our Esthetician to write down exactly what she did:

  1. Apply steam on the face & neck area
  2. Cleanse eyes & lips
  3. Cleanse the face & neck twice
  4. Tone the face & neck
  5. Analyze the skin under the mag lamp
  6. Exfoliate
  7. Extractions
  8. Customized mask & face massage
  9. Neck & decollete massage
  10. Apply protective products
  11. Apply moisturizer with SPF
  12. Make individualized product recommendations
Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness

Our faces felt rejuvenated!

I wanted to ask Bess some questions that I thought YOU, our readers, would be interested in getting the answers to, so here they are:

1. When did Massage Envy in Urbana open its doors?

  • February 10, 2018

2. What services do you offer at Massage Envy?

  • Customized Massages
  • Healthy Skin Facials
  • Chemical Exfoliations
  • Facial Waxing
  • Total Body Stretch.

3. What are the certifications & trainings that are required of the massage therapists at Massage Envy?

  • All Massage Therapists & Estheticians are licensed by the Maryland State Board
  • Requirements:
    • Attend an approved/accredited Massage Therapy or Esthetic School
    • Complete the 500 to 600 hours of education
    • After graduation, intensive testing to receive their license
    • Once hired with Massage Envy, extensive training to follow all protocols, policies & procedures

4. Do you offer package deals for someone who would like to use your services on a regular basis?

  • We offer an affordable wellness plan that includes eiher a Massage, Facial or Stretch.
  • If you would like an additional 60-minute session in that month, you get an even better rate.

5. Are there certain times of year that you offer specials or events?

  • Massage Envy offers nationwide promotions, primarily on a monthly basis

6. Do you participate with Groupon?

  • No, however, anyone’s first visit with us receives an introductory rate for a 60-minute session

7. What would you recommend to a first-time client before they come in for their first massage? And after they have gotten their massage?

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to unwind and complete the Ipad to customize your session
  • After your massage drink lots of water and have a relaxing rest of your day!
Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness
Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness

Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness

8. Tell us some of the benefits of getting massage therapy.

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves circulation
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Eases muscle pain
  • Helps improve posture
  • Helps improve the body’s immune system
  • Relieves headaches
  • Improves sleep

9. Are customers expected to tip? If so, what is the recommended percentage?

  • It is never expected, but appreciated
  • We offer a recommendation guide, but it would totally be up to you

10. Describe how Massage Envy differs from other places that offer massages.

  • Massage Envy is a very well known brand; there are over 1,200 nationwide
  • Massage Envy focuses on Total Body Care
  • We’ve created our own Massage Lotion, with no harmful preservatives & healthier for the skin
  • We also offer a variety of upgrades to your sessions:
    • Firming eye treatment added to your facial
    • Or one of our exclusive highly-concentrated antioxidant serums, CyMe Boost (pronounced ‘See Me’) , added to your massage.
  • At Massage Envy, our promise is that we help YOU take care of YOU

11. What type of skincare services do you offer?

  • Customizable facials, featuring products from Murad and Chemical Exfoliation advance skincare treatment featuring PCA skin.
Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness
Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness

Terri and I got to take home a 3 pack of Massage Envy Urbana’s CyMe Masks.

I’ve already used the Moisturizing Foot Mask.

It’s fun to put the little slippers over your feet and relax for 30 minutes while the CyMe does it’s work.

Slip the masks off and your feet are so smooth!

Check out our video for a quick tour of Massage Envy Urbana:

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29 thoughts on “Massage Envy Urbana: Maintaining Total Body Wellness”

  1. I just moved to Frederick a couple months ago and still feel sore from the move! While a massage would be awesome, I think I need a facial more. My skin has reacted so poorly to the water here, a little pampering for it would go a long ways!

    • April, You are the winner of the free one hour massage, facial, or total body stretch therapy! Congratulations! Please contact Bess Burnett at Massage Envy in Urbana @ (301) 321-3689. Enjoy!

  2. Hey! Big fan! I am entering this contest because I really need some TLC. I work nights and on my feet constantly. I also carry all my tension in my back and neck; when people rub my back they go “wow, you’re really need to relax.” Relaxing is actually impossible for me and it would be nice to have a professional touch. Thanks for doing these contests!

  3. I have a myriad reasons why I feel I should win ranging from working 50 hours/week most weeks but with no overtime to raising two fine young men who are now in college and doing so while raising them by myself with no child support in 8 years but there is ONE reason that stands out more than any other, by far: My younger son graduated from high school this past June. My ex-husband made a promise to not miss either child’s HS graduation (he lives in Colorado). I will give him points for honoring that promise and travelling back to MD. Upon his arrival the end of May, he stayed with a family member for ~ 3 weeks but he felt she was getting tired of his presence so he asked if he could stay with us–our two sons and ME, his EX-WIFE. As it was only going to be for two weeks and because I’m a nice ex-wife, I said that was fine. He was due to leave on July 11th. It is now September 6 and he is STILL HERE. I’m exhausted and I’m broke from him eating everything but not paying for anything. NOTHING would make me feel better than a massage. (Well, and him going back go Colorado but I don’t think you can help with that…)

  4. As much as I would love/ need some pampering I think my husband deserves it more.
    Working a full time job he always makes time to help with our children sports activities. He assist in coaching, field maintenance and cheering on the sideline, his nights and weekends are filled. He still finds time for household duties. I’m one lucky lady!

  5. I need a massage to rid my body from all the aches and pains that come with half marathon training while trying to maintain a full time job and be a mom to 3 teenagers!

  6. Ooohhh this sounds wonderful and I’m definitely overdue for some me-time!

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  7. I need a massage because I am a full-time stay-at-home mom to 2 handsome boys. One is 8 and the other is 7 months old. It’s extremely rare that I ever get any time to myself, let alone relaxing time. I have never had a massage and have always wanted to get one but unfortunately our budget is tight and we cant afford extra luxuries. I would love to win this prize and finally get to experience a massage


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