National Dress Up Your Pet Day: Four Important Do’s

On National Dress Up Your Pet Day, January 14th, you want to make sure that you know the 4 important do’s for clothing your furry companion.

Whether it’s this day or National All American Pet Photo Day on July 11th, or just any regular day, dressing up your pet can be really fun!

However, ensuring their safety and happiness are first and foremost before deciding on whether or not you’ll say yes to the dress….or the coat, the sweater, or whatever else you want to clothe them in. 

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

But, if you’re going to dress up your pet in the latest fashion trends, you need to make sure they’re happy with the idea.

Because, they’re the ones that have to wear the pet clothes and be seen in front of their canine and feline friends!

Those of us who love our pets have a mutual understanding that our furry companions are truly an extension of our family.

Thankfully, nowadays we have so many options to take as best care of our pets as possible.

There are so many services available to our precious fur babies like:

  • Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services
  • Access to Gourmet & Specific Diet Foods
  • Mobile Grooming Services
  • Training Programs
  • Therapy

So it’s not surprising that there is also a HUGE array of pet clothes to choose from!

With the help of our amazing Facebook followers, we’ve included some photos of some seriously adorable pets.

So, here’s what you need to know before buying pet clothes for your pet.

1. Make Sure Your Pet Looks Happy While Dressed Up

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

If you know your pet, you’ll know, pretty much as soon as you put any pet clothes on them, what they think of their outfit.

If your dog starts wagging his tail or your cat starts purring, then you know he loves it!

Also, if they’re running around freely like the dog in the above picture, then you know he’s happy.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

Lacey, in the above picture, is dressed up as Super Girl and doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

As a matter of fact, she’s owning it!

Git it Lacey!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

These goats appear to LOVE their coats; so much so that they’re happily playing with one of their beloved family members!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

And this bunny rabbit looks extremely proud to be wearing his Santa hat!

If they don't look happy, don't dress them up

On the other hand, if your pet cowers down, looks ashamed or mad, or doesn’t move much, you can pretty much bet he’s not too happy with his new duds.

As you can see from my nephew’s cat, Abraham (pictured above), he is not happy with his new knit hat.

It even has holes for his little ears to pop through!

But, as my nephew says, he turns into a potato whenever he puts his hat on.

Cats aren’t happy when they turn into potatoes.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

With some pets it’s hard to tell if they’re happy or sad, like the above picture.

You never know, this just might be his happy expression!

But you know your pet best and can instinctually decide whether or not you’ve made the right decision to dress them up.

2. Ensure That Your Pet’s Outfit Fits Properly 

Ensure the proper fit

This guy looks proud to be wearing his fleece.

It looks nice and warm too!

And the most important thing is that it fits him properly.

His pet clothes don’t restrict his movement or prevent him from doing his ‘business’, and they allow him to breathe normally.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

Shylo loves her jammies when she’s ready for bed!

They’re not constricting and they keep her nice and cozy.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

This little guy’s hoodie is the cutest thing ever!

The only thing I’d worry about with this hoodie is if he was outside and couldn’t use his peripheral vision to see where he was going.

Which brings me to the next Do:

3. Supervise Your Pet While He’s Dressed Up

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

Always, always, always supervise your pet while they’re dressed in pet clothes.

You never know if or when part of the clothing could get caught in a door or floor vent, or somehow your pet gets all caught up in the material.

They can’t tell you they need help.

So, keep an eye on them like you’d keep an eye on a young child.

If there’s trouble to get in, they’ll find it!

And the last Do is:

4. Take a Picture of Your Pet in His Outfit on National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's

Well, you went to all this trouble to get him some pet clothes and put them on him, so you might as well take a picture!

Roxy is one of those pets who LOVES her many outfits.

As a matter of fact, she has a drawer full of them!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Matching pajamas with your dog

We LOVE the above picture of this pet’s family!

They’re all wearing matching pajamas!

How cute is that?

Do you buy pet clothes for your furry loved one?

We’d LOVE to see your pictures!

Share them with us in the comments!

P.S. If you live in or near Frederick, check out Ballenger Creek Dog Park!  Terri takes her dog, Stella there and she loves it!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day: 4 Important Do's
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