Give-away!! Rita’s of Frederick – A Pillar of Happiness in our Community!

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The Housewives of Frederick County and Rita’s of Frederick are teaming up for a giveaway!

We know you have questions, so here are your answers:

What are you giving away?

We’re giving away a punch card for 30 FREE ices from Rita’s in Frederick (Good through 6/15/14)!

Do I have to purchase anything to enter?

No, you do not have to purchase anything to enter.

What are my odds of winning?

Your odds of winning are based on your number of entries.

What date do the entries start and what date do they end?

The entries will start on Monday, March 17, 2014 and will end at midnight on Sunday, March 23, 2014.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced on Monday, March 24, 2014.

Who is eligible to enter?

U.S. residents 18 years and older are eligible to enter.

How do I submit an entry?

Here’s how to ENTER!  You have the option to submit up to 9 entries per person through Rafflecopter.  The winner will be randomly chosen.

I’m new to Rafflecopter. How does it work?

It’s so easy! Watch this 45 second video.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How will the winner be notified?

The winner will receive an email indicating that they have won.

How will the winner receive their punch card for 30 free ices from Rita’s of Frederick?

Once the winner is announced, they can contact Lori, the owner/operator of Rita’s at 301-694-8834.

How long does the winner have to come forward to claim their prize?

The winner has 30 days to respond.  If no response after the 30 days (by April 22, 2014), the prize will be awarded to another randomly chosen winner.

How many entries are allowed per person?

Each person has up to 9 ways of entering.  Because we want to be fair to those who have genuinely followed the instructions in submitting their entries, we will be checking to ensure that the entries were submitted honestly before announcing our winner.

Can you tell me more about Rita’s of Frederick?

Rita’s of Frederick really is a pillar of happiness in our community of Frederick, Maryland.  If you are ever in a room of people, try this – yell out, “Who wants to go to Rita’s?”  Chances are, most people will stop talking, followed by a chorus of “me! me!”.  If you don’t know what Rita’s is, which I would find very hard to believe, I will explain it to you.  Rita’s Frederick is a tiny store with a bright, inviting storefront where, in the Spring and Summer months (and even in the beginning of Fall), you will see people lined up for their product – delicious, refreshing, fun, awesome Italian ice creations.  Can ya tell I’m a fan?20639_287638435058_2090965_n

Rita’s started out in the summer of 1984 – “It was then that Bob Tumolo, a former Philadelphia firefighter, started selling Italian Ice (also referred to as water ice) from a small porch window in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. With the modest goal of earning a little extra income, he named the business after his wife. You guessed it! Her name is Rita” (taken from Rita’s website). There are now hundreds of Rita’s across the country, as it is now a franchise!

Rita’s Frederick was born in May of 1998.  Husband and wife team Frank and Toni Rovito opened the store and operated it with their daughter, Lori.  Lori is now the sole owner/operator.  How do I know all of this?  Well, being a huge fan of Rita’s, I naturally followed them on social media (you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).  One day, recently, Lori from Rita’s Frederick tweeted me, and invited Pam and me, (on our Housewives of Frederick County twitter account) to take a tour of the store!  How nice is that?  Of course, we took her up on it and we got to see what’s behind the service counter!  It kind of felt like peeking behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz – we got to see the magic happen :)!Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 089

Let me, first, tell you a little about Lori.  She is everything you would want in the owner of Rita’s – extremely passionate and conscientious of her product, and of the service at Rita’s!  Put it this way, out of the hundreds of Rita’s across the country, Rita’s Frederick was the top earner of 2013!  I believe Rita’s Frederick has achieved this major goal in past years as well.  They also won Frederick Magazine’s Best of Frederick 2014 award for best ice cream/frozen dessert (as she has in past years, as well!)  Lori has worked hard to determine which flavors are Frederick’s favorites and she strives to provide the best hometown service our wonderful town of Frederick, MD has come to love.Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 106

Rita's trophyDeep Creek and Rita's post March 14 108Can you guess which flavor is a favorite and is kept in the store as much as possible?  Mango!!  Yummy!!!  Lori says that flavors with cherry, raspberry and  strawberry in them are also very popular, as well as mint chocolate chip and root beer.  So, these flavors will most likely always be found at the store too.  Of course, new flavors are rotated in on a regular basis.  Mark your calendar for the following dates that these new flavors are coming to Rita’s Frederick:

  1. 3/20/14 (first day of Spring!) Starburst Cherry!
  2. 4/7/14 Starburst Orange!
  3. 4/28/14 Wild Berry!
  4. 6/9/14 Watermelon Chip!
  5. 7/7/14 Mango Strawberry!
  6. 8/4/14 Jelly Belly Tutti Fruity and Jelly Belly Berry Blue!
  7. 9/8/14 Pumpkin Pie!pic of pam smelling mango

Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 112Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 111During Pam’s and my tour at Rita’s we got to see the inner workings of how the treats at Rita’s are made – yes, everything is made right there in that little building :).  There are specific recipes for each flavor of ice.  Each flavor has it’s own designated syrup.  There are 3 large machines which mix all of the ingredients together (once Lori adds the proper amount of each ingredient) into a specific consistency (again – each flavor is designated a particular consistency for optimal taste after trials and tests at the corporate level of Rita’s).Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 091

Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 092Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 090Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 099Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 103Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 105One detail that both Pam and I were very impressed with is the fact that once an ice is made and stored in a bucket-type container, it is not kept after 36 hours.  So, if it isn’t sold, it must be thrown away.  This is the policy at all Rita’s locations in order to provide the highest quality product.

A true community business not only provides a product and a service, but gives back to the community in some way.  Lori and her Rita’s Frederick does not disappoint in this department.  As a matter of fact, on opening day of this season (2/28/14), Lori donated ALL of the proceeds of her sales to charity – not just any charity – 3 local charities that customers voted for via social media!!  Amazing :)!  This is just one example of how much Lori and Rita’s Frederick have given back to the community.  Don’t take my word for it – go check out their website, “like” their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and follow them on Instagram!  You will get to be in the loop for all of the fun goings-on that Rita’s has to offer, as well as fundraising opportunities!

Just one example of how Rita's Frederick gives back!

Just one example of how Rita’s Frederick gives back!

The last thing we talked with Lori about was the service at Rita’s.  She said she just hired some kids for the season and views them as “her kids”.  She holds them to high expectations to represent Rita’s in the best way, but adds that most customers who visit Rita’s are happy to be there anyway.  So, in general, it’s just a happy place inside and out!  If you haven’t experienced Rita’s Frederick, and you’re looking for a fun, refreshing, deeeelicious treat – go to Rita’s!  You will love the sweetness it adds to your life :)Deep Creek and Rita's post March 14 114

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  1. Pam says

    Great article! Not a surprise though, I knew I loved that place for a reason. Love businesses that support their own communities!!

  2. cheryl says

    When are you two taking me there. I didn’t know anything about it–great write-up and great pictures!!! I want chocolate chip!!!

  3. Courtney says

    We LOVE Rita’s! Everyone has a facvorite flavor and it is always fun to go as a family for a summer treat!

  4. Loree says

    Great article! I took my Girl Scout troop on a tour thru Rita’s when we were talking about women leaders in the community. I love the products but knowing that the owners are committed to the community makes me want to go there every day!

  5. Chad H says

    Thanks not only for this opportunity, but the behind-the-scenes tour of Rita’s! It’s clear that the family tradition started by Lori’s parents is a real community treasure. And yummy! Don’t forget yummy!

  6. Aileen Rose says

    Great article! I had the privilege of meeting Lori and her parents at the Rita’s annual business meeting 5 years ago (I ran a Rita’s successful as well). Lori is not only an amazing lady, but a wonderful asset to her community both personally and professionally. MUCH of our stores success came from watching and adopting many of Lori’s and her parents practices! I am very proud to know her and privileged to call her a friend! Congratulations Lori!

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