History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?

The history of Frederick Md is deep and rich with a long list of notable people, places, and events.

Because there are so many interesting things to know about the history of Frederick Md, we wanted to share with you some trivia questions.

How well do you think you know Frederick, Md?

History of Frederick Md

My sister-in-law was recently cleaning out some old books.

She came across a book that she thought my son would be interested in reading.

Maryland Trivia

It’s called Maryland Trivia.

This book has 191 pages of questions and answers pertaining to everything about Maryland:

  • Geography
  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Arts & Literature
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Science & Nature

I flipped through the book and pulled out all of the questions and answers pertaining to the history of Frederick, Md.

Although the copyright date is 1992, the Frederick trivia that I’ve included in this post is still relevant today.

How Well Do You Know the History of Frederick Md?

So, how well do you know Frederick, Md?

I’ve listed the questions first so you can write down your answers.

Then, I’ve included the answers at the end of the post.

History of Frederick Md Trivia Questions

If you get all of these right, you are a total Frederick rock star!

So here goes!

See how many you can answer correctly!

Please note that all of the black & white photos came out of a book called Pictorial History of Frederick Maryland, The First 250 Years 1745 – 1995.

This is an amazing must-buy book that has so much more information and pictures than what we’ve included in this post!

1. The National Anthem is Part of the History of Frederick Md

History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?

Where did Frederick, Maryland native, Francis Scott Key write our National Anthem?

2. Maryland’s Antique Capital

Which small town in Frederick County is sometimes called Maryland’s antique capital?

3. Presidential Retreat

What is the name of the Presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains?

4. Liberal Arts College in Frederick Md

What is the name of the prestigious liberal arts college in Frederick?

5. St. Elizabeth Seton

Where is St. Elizabeth Seton, the first U.S. born citizen canonized by the Vatican, buried?

6. War Correspondents MonumentHistory of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?

What State Park contains the only monument in the world dedicated to War Correspondents?

7. Former Chief Justice in Frederick Md

What former Chief Justice of the U.S. lived at 123 S. Bentz Street in Frederick?

8. A Collapsed Bridge is Part of the History of Frederick Md

Which Frederick County bridge, built in 1808, collapsed in 1942?

9. Caverns

What caverns are near Boonsboro, Md?

10. Fallen Firefighters Memorial

The Fallen Firefighters Memorial is in what town near the PA border?

11. Francis Scott Key is a Big Part of the History of Frederick Md

In what Frederick cemetery is Francis Scott Key buried?

12. Replica of the Grotto of Lourdes

Near what town is there a replica of the Grotto of Lourdes?

13. U.S. Army Medical Command Installation

What is the name of the U.S. Army Medical Command Installation in Frederick County?

14. Mount St. Mary’s

Mount St. Mary’s, the 2nd oldest Catholic college in the U.S., is located in what Frederick County town?

15. County Seat

The County Seat of Frederick County is in which town?

16. Poplar Fields – History of Frederick Md

What Frederick town was once known by the romantic name “Poplar Fields”?

17. Railroad Renaissance Festival

Which Frederick County town celebrates its heritage with a Railroad Renaissance Festival each October?

18. Catoctin Colorfest

Which Frederick County town is the Catoctin Colorfest held?

19.  Confederate General D.H. Hill

Which Boonsboro restaurant was occupied by Confederate General D.H. Hill during the Battle of South Mountain?

20. Premier Brezhnev

Which Thurmont restaurant was inundated by Soviets when Premier Brezhnev visited Camp David in 1979?

21. Shab Row is a Big Part of the History of Frederick Md

History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?

Which Frederick County town has a shopping district called Shab Row?

22. Union Repelled the 1st Confederate Northern Invasion

At which Maryland Civil War battle did the Union repel the 1st Confederate invasion of the North?

23. Hero of Santiago – History of Frederick Md

During which war was Frederick native Winfield Scott Schley called the ‘Hero of Santiago’?

24. George Washington Monument

Citizens of which small Frederick County town erected a monument to George Washington on South Mountain in 1827?

25. Largest Religious Group in Frederick Md

What is the largest religious group in Frederick County?

26. 7/9/1864 Battle Fought in Frederick Md

Which battle was fought in Frederick, Md on 7/9/1864 to prevent a Confederate invasion of Washington, DC?

27. Maryland Battle Fought 3 days Before Antietam

Which Civil War battle was fought in Maryland 3 days before Antietam?

28. Barbara Fritchie House – History of Frederick Md

What famous world leader accompanied President Franklin Roosevelt for a tour of the Barbara Fritchie House in Frederick?

29. Francis Scott Key’s Occupation

What was Francis Scott Key’s occupation at the time he wrote the National Anthem?

30. American Flag Flies Day and Night

Over who’s grave in Frederick does the American flag fly day and night?

31. History of Maryland

Which Frederick native wrote History of Maryland, which covers the years 1634 to 1848?

32. Visitation Academy

History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?

Which Natalie Carlson novel takes place at the Visitation Academy in Frederick?

33. Maryland Novelist Barbara Mertz

Maryland novelist Barbara Mertz endowed a $100,000 scholarship fund to encourage minority students interested in writing mysteries at what Frederick college?

34. 18th & 19th Century Buildings

How many 18th & 19th century buildings are preserved in the Frederick Historic District?

35. Frederick Keys Stadium

What is the name of the stadium in Frederick where the Frederick Keys play Minor League Baseball?

36. Appalachian Trail

How many miles does the Appalachian Trail run in Frederick?

Frederick, Maryland Trivia Answers

  1. Fort McHenry
  2. New Market
  3. Camp David
  4. Hood College
  5. Emmitsburg
  6. Gathland State Park – check out our post on Exploring Burkittsville, MD.
  7. Roger Brooke Taney
  8. Jug Bridge over the Monocacy River
  9. Crystal Grottoes
  10. Emmitsburg
  11. Mount Olivet Cemetery – see our post on Historic Mount Olivet Cemetery.
  12. Emmitsburg
  13. Fort Detrick
  14. Emmitsburg
  15. Frederick
  16. Emmitsburg
  17. Brunswick – This festival is now called Brunswick Railroad Days
  18. Thurmont
  19. Old South Mountain Inn
  20. Cozy Restaurant
  21. Frederick
  22. Battle of South Mountain
  23. Spanish-American War  
  24. Boonsboro
  25. Lutheran 
  26. Battle of Monocacy
  27. Battle of South Mountain
  28. Winston Churchill
  29. Lawyer
  30. Francis Scott Key
  31. James McSherry
  32. Luvvy and the Girls
  33. Hood College
  34. 2,400 – This number has gone up since the publication of this book
  35. Harry Grove Stadium – The stadium’s name was changed to Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium
  36. 16.83 miles

Photos of Some of the Answers

Here are some old photos, from Pictorial History of Frederick Maryland, The First 250 Years 1745 – 1995 that correspond with some of the answers.

Hood College
Taney House
Jug Bridge
History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?
Winfield Schley
Evangelical Lutheran Church
History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?
Photo Credit: Pictorial History of Frederick Maryland, The First 250 Years 1745 - 1995
History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?

So, how many did you get right?

How many did you have no idea how to answer?

I know there were several answers I didn’t know.

One thing I do know though, is that Terri and I have so much more exploring and researching to do!

This trivia list just scratched a tiny surface of what our historically rich town has to offer.

For more historical information on Frederick County towns, click on over to:

Exploring Burkittsville Md

Buckeystown, Md: Something for Everyone!

Urbana, Md – An Ecclectic Town!

History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?
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8 thoughts on “History of Frederick Md: How Well Do You Know Our Town?”

  1. As a fan of Frederick history I love the quiz. You are right it is a little dated. I Just wanted to let you know that Roger Brooke Taney never lived in the house on Bentz Street. He only owned the property. During part of his time in Frederick he did live in a substantial house (which he rented) on Market Street that no longer stands. We know this because of an ad placed by the owner to rent the house after Taney left town. When the effort was made in the 1920s to commemorate Taney’s presence in Frederick the Bentz Street house was the only property associated with Taney still standing. It’s unclear weather or not it was known at the time that Taney did not live there. Since then it was just assumed he did. Only recently was it proven that Taney did not live there when the ad was discovered.

    The house is worth visiting if only for the fact it is a relatively untouched late 18th century middle class dwelling and is the only documented slave quarters open to the public in the area.

    I am a docent at the Roger Brooke Taney House

  2. I read about your website in the Frederick Magazine and I’m enjoying perusing it. I’m a bred, born and raised Fredneck gal but married a Ft. Detrick soldier 39 years ago and moved away, n’er to return (except for lots of visits) until 5 months ago – unexpectedly, and ALONE. Proving you CAN go home. It’s great to be back but geez –will this winter ever be over????

  3. Wow, this must have taken a long time to put together. I didn’t have a clue about most of the questions; how many did you get right Pamlita?? Thank you for educating all of us!

    • I probably got about half right. Some of them were pretty easy. The Civil War questions were tough for me. I’m not a history buff. Thanks for reading and taking the quiz Cheryl!


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