AR Workshop Frederick: We Made Something Really Cool!

AR Workshop Frederick is a place I’ve wanted to try out ever since they opened their doors in Frederick!

Well, we finally went and we made something really cool!

AR Workshop: Trendy Home Decor Projects

Not A Paint Party

I’ve been to those paint parties where you go to someone’s home or a place of business and everybody gets an easel and a pre-selected subject to paint.

Don’t get me wrong, the paint parties are a really cool concept, but just not my cup of tea.

I’ve tried it twice and my first painting was of a vase of hydrangeas that look more like Mickey Mouse.

My second painting was a really cute painting of the Easter Bunny.

However, I’m just not going to hang either painting in my home.

So, they sit in my closet.

AR Workshop Frederick Will Empower You

On the other hand, with AR Workshop Frederick I feel like I’m walking into a place of woman empowerment, where anything is possible!

There are nail guns, hammers, staple guns, sanders, stains, paints, and more.

It makes me feel like Rosie the Riveter, but with assistance.

And thank God for assistance from their amazing staff since I’ve never used a nail gun in my life!

Terri getting help from Mandy

AR Workshop Frederick Makes Me Happy

Not only is it a seriously fun experience, but also I get to bring something home that makes me proud and that I know I’m going to use in my home.

And that makes me very happy!

Making my farmhouse sign

The Staff Will Guide You Through The Process

I was a little bit nervous when we began our projects because I’m not a natural do-it-yourselfer.

However, the girl who helped us at our table, Mandy, is amazing!

AR Workshop Frederick: We Made Something Really Cool!

She guided us through the entire, very organized, process.

She had the patience of Job!

I’ve never yelled somebody’s name so much in a 3 hour time span than I did Mandy’s name.

And she was always very gracious and super helpful.

AR Workshop Frederick Is A Bonding Experience

So, how this all started was when Terri, our sister-in-law, our stepmother and I were on a mission to find a good date for all of us to get together and do something fun!

AR Workshop Frederick: We Made Something Really Cool!

And, as you probably know, being a woman, it can get very difficult to sync up with other women’s schedules and find a day that will work for everyone.

So with life happening, and it does, it took us a full year to finally pin down a good date.

But we’re so glad we stuck with it until we found a date that worked!

Over the 3 hours we were there, we laughed, drank wine, broke bread together (actually brie cheese and crackers), caught up on the latest goings on in our lives, and expressed to each other how super impressed we were with each other’s mad skillz!

Your Creation Will Have So Much Meaning Behind It

By the time we were all done with our projects, we all felt so accomplished.

We each had something that we made with our own two hands – well, 4 if you count Mandy’s hands.

Making our signs

I couldn’t wait to bring my sign home and show my husband and son!

And the beauty of it is that each of our projects is very unique and and very personal to each of us.

AR Workshop Frederick: We Made Something Really Cool!

Not only can you make signs and lazy susans, but you can make chunky blankets, planks, clocks, stamped jewelry, planters, frames, centerpiece boxes, and more!

For more information on AR Workshop Frederick, go to their website.

AR Workshop Frederick: We Made Something Really Cool!

AR Workshop Frederick Will Give You Confidence To Make More Home Decor Projects

Now that I’ve had experience making my own farmhouse sign for my new home, it’s given me the confidence to try out other projects!

Have you been to AR Workshop?

What did you make?

We’ll definitely be back to make more!

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AR Workshop Frederick: We Made Something Really Cool!
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  1. What a GREAT description of everything!!!! It How cool was that to be “creative!!” I bet this write-up will draw a lot of people to the workshop–hope it does!!!


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