Meet Your Foundation Match at Smooch Studio: It Will Change Your Life

For a woman, finding the perfect foundation match for their face is like finding a needle in a haystack.

You’ve probably got your vanity drawers full of foundation that you thought matched but it turns out that it doesn’t.

Well, we don’t have that problem anymore after visiting Smooch! Studio, A Unique Makeup Boutique located in Downtown Frederick, Maryland.

Meet Your Foundation Match at Smooch Studio

I don’t know about you, but when my makeup is done just right I get that extra boost of confidence and walk with my head a little bit higher.

Honestly, when I know my makeup looks good, I’m actually more sociable, happier, and way less self-conscious.

Through the years I’ve gotten makeovers at department store cosmetic counters only to go home with hundreds of dollars less in my wallet and a bunch of cosmetics that don’t truly fit me for me.

Even worse? Perusing drugstore aisles of cosmetics, wondering which brand and shade to buy.

So it makes perfect sense that the makeup you buy for yourself be a rewarding and useful investment.

And the way to do that is to get it customized especially for you and only YOU.

Foundation match at Smooch

Smooch Studio: Custom Lipstick & Foundation Match

Smooch Studio’s owners, Nicole and Kendra gave Terri and me their complimentary Design-A-Face service.

We had no idea, not only how much fun this would be, but how much we REALLY needed this makeover!

Here’s what we learned from our super customized beauty experience.

Get your perfect foundation match

Every Face is Unique – Meet Your Foundation Match

Before you invest in your makeup arsenal, you need help with assessing your facial skin type and your makeup preferences:

  • Do you have combination skin?
  • Do you have rosacea?
  • Is your skin oily?
  • Do you have uneven tones?
  • Do you prefer a light or heavy coverage?
  • How often do you wear makeup?
  • Do you prefer to have a natural look or more dramatic?
  • Have your skincare needs changed as you’ve gotten older?

These questions are important to answer before the makeup artists can begin to customize your makeup to fit you.

Smooch! Studio can custom create foundation match that is unique to your skin tone.

This foundation match will also:

  • provide just the right amount of coverage
  • fulfill your oily or non-oily skin needs
  • accommodate any of your aging concerns

As an added bonus, Smooch! Studio will update the color or texture of your custom foundation match anytime you want to bring your bottle back in.

For instance, if you had your custom foundation match made for you in the winter and now it’s summer time and you’ve gotten a more sun-kissed color on your face. Smooch! will darken your color to match your summer face.

Smooch Studio Makeup Cheat Sheet including your foundation match

Your Makeup Routine Has to Be Easy Enough to Maintain

In order to have a user-friendly makeup routine that you’ll maintain, you have to have the right tools.

Not just the right foundation match, but the right foundation applicator.

Along with easy-to-apply eyebrow color, you need the proper brush to apply it naturally.

Accompanying your eye shadow, you need an eye shadow base to keep your eyes looking fresh and smudge-proof all day long.

Part of Smooch! Studio’s Design-A-Face service is to complete your very own ‘Cheat Sheet’ listing your:

  • Makeup
  • Skin care products
  • Tools used during the makeover

This sheet also has a picture of a face where the makeup artist actually applies and labels the makeup they used on your face.

This way, when you get home with your new makeup arsenal, you’ll remember where and how to use it.

AND if you decide you don’t want to invest in everything all at once, you’ll have this cheat sheet to refer back to if and when you’d like to return to Smooch! to pick up more products.

Where your foundation match is applied

Waste Not, Want Not with your Foundation Match At Smooch Studio

Yes, custom made makeup is more expensive than the generic makeup you’ll find in the drugstore.

But if your makeup is literally made just for you, you won’t waste it.

You’ll SAVE money.

AND you’ll wear it more often because it was made just for you.

Smooch! Studio also offers their Smooch! Refill Program.

Contribute less waste to the environment by bringing your empty skincare bottles and jars back for refills.

In addition, it will save you about 15% on skincare refills.

On top of all of that, Smooch! has a Tester Bar where you can ‘try before you buy’.

I tell ya, they’ve got this entire makeup thing down pat!

Besides a foundation match, Smooch Studio has a Tester Bar

Smooch Studio Is So Much Fun!

What woman wouldn’t enjoy getting personalized attention for their every makeup need?

Who didn’t LOVE playing dress-up and putting on their mother’s makeup when they were little girls?

You’ll get the same feeling at Smooch!

Not only will they give you an amazing makeover, but they’ll also teach you how to apply it and maintain the look well after you’ve walked out the Smooch! doors.

Getting to sit in front of the lighted mirror and have the makeup artist work with you to get that perfect look just for you, is just plain fun.

And it doesn’t have to be just YOU getting the makeover.

You can host your very own event with your girlfriends to ‘Get Smooched’.

Your event includes your own private room to hang with your besties and get made up.

Best of all, you, the organizer are the recipient of some big Smooch! perks.

Smooch! also accommodates birthday parties for pre-teens, teens, and in-betweens.

There’s enough fun for everybody!

Below are photos of Smooch! Studio’s private party room.

Smooch Studio Private Party Room for a foundation match and makeover
Smooch Studio Private Party Room for a foundation match and makeover
Smooch Studio Private Party Room for a foundation match and makeover

Your Custom Foundation Match Increases Your Confidence

Part of Smooch! Studio’s motto is to empower women of all ages to feel ‘confident, sexy and adventurous’ about their makeup.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s become more of a challenge to achieve that fresh-faced, beautiful, wide awake, ready-for-the-day-or-night look.

My skin tone and texture has changed:

  • I have dry patches I didn’t used to have.
  • My eyes are puffier.
  • The foundation I used to wear looks dry and cakey on my face now.

Instead of just accepting the changes and throwing in the towel, get yourself in to Smooch! for a fresh, new outlook on life!

“You are strong, beautiful, fearless, confident, wise”.

Take back control of your beauty regimen so that you can be the confident woman you deserve to be.

Increase your confidence with the right makeup

Smooch Studio Makeup Is Better For Your Skin

Smooch! believes in ingredient integrity.

“What’s NOT in your products is just as important as what IS”.

Their custom foundation and lipstick keeps out the bad ingredients and puts in plant-based oils, minerals, and botanicals.

As a result, your makeup feels so natural, you’ll forget you’re wearing makeup at all!

They also offer gluten-free, allergen-free products for unprocessed perfection.

Two Words: Custom Lipstick

Marilyn Monroe Lipstick
Elizabeth Taylor Quote

I gotta admit this was my favorite part of the makeover!

NOW I know why they chose to name themselves Smooch!

Smooch! Studio has everything needed to create your very own custom lipstick:

  • Base
  • Pigment
  • Frost
  • Flavors

These ingredients are blended to your preferences in order to create the perfect lipstick for you.

Their custom lipsticks and lip glosses have no mineral oil, no chemical dyes, no fragrances, no animal by-products, no petroleum, and no parabens.

Smooch Studio mixing custom lipstick
Creating a custom lip color
Lipstick created just for you

Once it’s all mixed, they try it out on your lips and you can tell them if you want it:

  • Glossier
  • More matte
  • Creamier
  • Darker
  • Lighter
Trying out her custom lipstick
Smooch custom lip color

Once the color and texture are perfect, you get to pick your flavor!

For mine, I chose chocolate raspberry!  Mmmm!

They Create Your Custom Lipstick Right There On The Spot

Then they melt it down, pour the mixture into a mold, and tube it.

Lipstick mold
Lipstick fresh out of the mold
The perfect custom color

It’s like the crayon maker of lipsticks!


Once your lipstick is complete, the final touch is to SMOOCH a magnetic card with your name and your color’s name written on the card.

Smooch! will put it up on their Smooch! wall for everyone to see.

Terri called her color ‘Housewife Hottie’.

I had to one-up her and call mine ‘Hottest Housewife’.

We were smooched

Here are Terri’s before and after pictures.

Terri's before and after

And here are mine.

Pam's before and after

Wow! What a difference good quality, customized makeup can make!

Our Makeup aftermath

Terri and I had SO much fun at Smooch! Studio.

We both left there with a bag full of new, customized makeup, tools, and our cheat sheets.

Every time I use my makeup I truly feel extra special because it was created just for me.

As you can see from my selfie below, I was super happy with the results.

I found my foundation match at Smooch Studio

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Meet Your Foundation Match at Smooch Studio: It Will Change Your Life
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