38 Best Nail Salons in Frederick Md: Hands Down

If you’re looking for a great, up-to-date list of the best nail salons in Frederick Md, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for the best place for a gel manicure, acrylic nails, or just a regular polish, you’ll find it here.

In order to get the most in-the-know answers, we asked this very question on our FB page as well as several local Facebook groups {Special shout out to Everything Frederick}.

Clearly, since we’ve gotten this question asked several times, we figured it was time that we put the results together into a blog post.

Best Nail Salons in Frederick Md

Nail salons are everywhere!

So it’s hard to know which ones are the top nail salons in terms of:

  • Cleanliness; Proper Sanitization 
  • Safer Practices
  • Skilled nail technicians
  • Professional Staff
  • Knowing the latest trends
  • Affordable prices
  • Amazing service
  • Consistent quality work
  • Using the best products

Therefore, not only have we provided you a list of the best nail salons in Frederick Md, but we’ve also included customer testimonials.

Because, as we all know, word-of-mouth recommendations are the best recommendations!

Clearly, a rave review can mean a lot when you have a choice of close to 40 nail salons in Frederick!

For instance, which nail salons not only do an amazing job, but also offer a nice hand massage after the manicure?

Above all, you want to get a beautiful set of nails while enjoying a relaxing time away from your daily responsibilities. Amiright?

As a matter of fact, your only stress should be which nail color you’re going to pick out!

We’ve listed the best nail salons alphabetically and included their website links, addresses, phone numbers, and whether or not they accept walk-ins.

In addition, several of the places in this list offer:

  • Unique Manicures (like amazing nail art!)
  • Spa Treatments
  • Pedicure Services (salt scrub is a must!)
  • Beauty Services
2021 best nail salons in frederick md

1. 2000 Nails

2000 Nails 
5 Willowdale Drive
Frederick, Md 21702
(301) 631-2260
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“I’ve gone to 2000 nails since I was 13. The lady who owned it was amazing. She left. If you get the only guy tech there you will not be disappointed. He takes his time but the nails are always amazing. He is the best.”

2. Always Polish’d

Always Polish’d
1201 Dutchmans Creek Dr Suite H
Brunswick, MD 21716
(301) 834-9127

3. BeBe Nails Salon

BeBe Nails Salon
5597 Spectrum Dr, Suite 102
Frederick, Md 21703
(301) 846-4700

“BeBe Nail Salon across from FSK mall. Michelle is the best!”

4. Belleza Hair & Nail Studio

Belleza Hair & Nail Studio
244 E Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 668-2022
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes, if they have an opening

“My daughter and I have made the rounds of the nail salons in Frederick and found our home at Bellezza…great work and a therapy session in one! What happens at the nail appointment, stays at the nail appointment!

“Hands down, Belleza Hair and Nails….wonderful people, always friendly and a great atmosphere. They truly care!”

5. Bloom Nails

Bloom Nails
23 E.Patrick Street, 201
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 305-5464

2021 Best Nail Salons in Frederick Md: Hands Down

6. Cali Nails

Cali Nails
1080 W Patrick St # 7
Frederick, MD 21703
(301) 695-5488

7. CK Nails

CK Nails
2401 Whittier Dr Unit D
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 418-6170

8. Classy Nails and Spa

Classy Nails and Spa
1275 W Patrick St # 1C
Frederick, MD 21702
(240) 379-7660

“James is great.”
“Classy Nails and Spa on 40. Great pedicures and eyebrow waxing!”
“They are amazing”

9. Crescent Edge Nails

Crescent Edge Nails
8 S Church Street
Middletown, MD 21769
(703) 474-2899

10. Eva Nails

Eva Nails 
425 South Jefferson Street, Suite E
Frederick, Md 21701
(301) 698-2695
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“They do good work, can converse with clients, and they employ students from the community as helpers. Plus they are very friendly and have their own nails done as well so you can see how different shapes and looks will be on actual hands.”

“Eva nails- but you need an appointment to get in!”

11. Galena Nails & Spa

Galena Nails & Spa
3340 Galena Drive, Suite 103
Urbana, Md 21704
(301) 810-5581
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“A new nail salon and spa in Urbana. I also like Rose Nails. I’ve been to most of the places on this list but the new place is now my favorite.”

12. Gorgeous Nails

Gorgeous Nails
5326 New Design Rd
Frederick, MD 21703
(301) 846-4400

13. Harmony Nails & Spa

Harmony Nails & Spa
200 Middletown Parkway, Suite 210
Middletown, MD 21769
(240) 490-8291
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“Always spotless, friendly techs, fair prices. They have a licensed massage therapist on staff. I think she does facials also. And they’re between yummy restaurants!”

2021 best nail salons frederick md

14. Johnny Nails & Spa

Johnny Nails & Spa 
5217 Presidents Court
Frederick, Md 21703
(301) 378-9965
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“The people are SO nice, the massages are really long and amazing, and the prices are good! Cleanliness is also pretty good”

15. La Villa Nail Spa

La Villa Nail Spa 
327 W 7th Street
Frederick, Md 21701
(301) 620-2261
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“La Villa on 7th St. Across from hospital, next to the BBQ place. New owner, Victor is amazing. Very detailed, perfectionist. Formerly of 2 other popular salons, but now bought this place who had a poor rating and he turned it the other way on his own merit. He’s just great and accommodating!! Great prices too.”

16. Lee Nails Spa

Lee Nails Spa
1700 Kingfisher Drive #29
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 620-9779
Accept Walk-Ins?

“Lee Nails off Monocacy Blvd…. VERY clean”

17. Lush Nails Spa

Lush Nails Spa
190 Thomas Johnson Drive #4
Frederick, Md 21702
(240) 457-4247
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“Lush Nails is by far the best nail salon I have ever gone to”

“I LOVE Lush Nails, too. Actually, I LOVE the owner, Trang. I followed her from another salon. Her husband, Ty, is really good with the trendy styles (pointed, metallic, etc). Anyway, the salon is small, intimate, relaxing & peaceful.”

2021 best nail salons frederick md

18. Luxury Nails & Spa

Luxury Nails & Spa
1312 S Main St
Mt Airy, MD 21771
(301) 829-8080

19. Modern Chic Day Spa

Modern Chic Day Spa
919 W 7th Street
Frederick, Md 21701
(301) 695-8888
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“Modern Chic on 7th by CVS and Starbucks across from the hospital. It’s relaxing, they are professional, friendly, and best pedi and dip. I used to get gel before I switched to dip and loved that too. They have a loyalty program as well. “

20. Nail Expo

Nail Expo
1305 W 7th St #21-22
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 663-3997

“Peter is great!”

21. Nails by Evelyn

Nails by Evelyn
Sola Salon #21
4969 Westview Drive
Frederick, MD 21704
(301) 401-0297
Accept Walk-Ins? No, by appointment only.

“Nails by Evelyn! Her work is literally perfect. Check out her Instagram @nailsbyevelyn86 NailsbyEvelyn86 GREAT PRICES TOO!!”

“Her pedicures are to die for! Did I mention she’s spotless?”

“Nails By Evelyn!!! The nails she does are perfection!♥️ She will have you Red Carpet ready every day! Her work is a.maz.ing!!! You’re welcome!”

22. Nail Time

Nail Time
1170 W Patrick St #D
Frederick, MD 21703
(301) 696-0071

“Nail Time!!! Hands down the best”

23. Nail Trix and Spa

Nail Trix and Spa
5233 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, MD 21704
(301) 631-1900

“I love Nail Trix!”
“Nail Trix is awesome!!! ??

24. Number One Nails & Spas Thurmont

Number One Nails & Spas Thurmont
213 Tippin Drive
Thurmont, Md 21788
(301) 271-1152
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“Number one nails – inexpensive & high attention to detail”

25. Organic Nails

Organic Nails
8415 Woodsboro Pike #H
Walkersville, MD 21793
(301) 845-8770

“Organic Nails is amazing!”

26. Pansy Nails Spa

Pansy Nails Spa
4 S. McCain Dr
Frederick, MD 21703
(301) 732-4886

“I loved Pansy Nails Spa before I moved away! One of the most clean salons I’ve EVER been to, even pre-COVID”

“I just tried Pansy Nails and I’m so happy ?

27. Pearl Nails 

Pearl Nails
1507 W Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 696-0299

28. Posh Nails & Spa

Posh Nails & Spa
1502 S Main St #103
Mt Airy, MD 21771
(301) 829-5965

“Posh nails in Mt Airy is awesome!”

29. Princess Nail & Spa

Princess Nail & Spa 
1450 W Patrick Street, Unit 6
Frederick, Md 21702
(240) 439-4737
Accept Walk-Ins?

“Princess Nails. Pedicure is $30 and lasts 5 weeks.”

“I love Princess Nail and Spa at the end of Rt 40 near Wegman’s. Going there for years and always happy with my nails.”

30. Quintessential Nails

Best Nail Salons in Frederick Md: Hands Down
Photo credit: Quintessential Nails

Quintessential Nails
4 S. McCain Dr Unit 13
Frederick, MD 21703

31. Renovations Salon & Day Spa

Renovations Salon & Day Spa
120 Frederick Rd # B
Thurmont, MD 21788
(301) 271-9147

“Katie is the best!

32. Rose Nails Spa

Rose Nails Spa 
806 Toll House Avenue
Frederick, Md 21701
(301) 682-4444
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“Always clean, always friendly!”

“Tien at Rose Nails! Clean, kind, efficient.”

“Rose Nails. I’ve tried them all and always go back to Rose Nails. Always clean and always do a great job. I just get a regular manicure and it can last for days. I love Jenny!”

“Lee at Rose Nails she is amazing”

“Rose Nails. Hands down the BEST.”

“Rose salon is hands down the cleanest and has the most professional hard working people. Prices are great and their work is excellent.”

33. Spilt Polish Nail Salon

Spilt Polish Nail Salon
176 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 205
Frederick, Md 21702
(301) 514-1931
Accept Walk-Ins? No. By appointment only.

“Nicole is amazing. It’s a very private place, you’re not surrounded by a lot of other people like in typical salons. It’s just you and her and she has great snacks, cappuccino, etc.”

34. Spring Nails

Spring Nails
2060 Yellow Springs Rd # 106
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 663-7748

35. The Art of Beauty

The Art of Beauty 
1705 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick Md 21702
(240) 629-8905
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes, but evening and Saturday appointments available by appointment only.

“Art of Beauty is super clean and gives the BEST hand and foot massages!”

36. TT & K Nails

TT & K Nails 
4319 Old National Pike
Middletown, Md 21769
(301) 371-4583
Accept Walk-Ins? Yes

“I’ve been going to Tina (manager/owner) for 14 years and even some before she had TT&K. I’m a hairdresser so I am keen on cleanliness and sanitation and they are always very clean. All of them that work there are great and always do amazing work. They give out recommendations for people if they need help figuring out what to do and they do custom nail art too. They give great pedicures too. They’re awesome and I highly recommend them!”

“TT&K is the best overall. Very nice, updated and clean with excellent service. All the techs are excellent. I have lost track of how long I have been going but a long time.”

37. Unique Studio Hair Salon

Unique Studio Hair Salon – Ally Bolyard 
Everedy Square
18A N East St
Frederick, Md 21701
(301) 676-4701
Accept Walk-Ins? No. By appointment only.

Ally Bolyard at Unique Studio Salon on East Street! She’s always on trend without being over the top. Her sweet personality sparkles just like her nails!”

Ally Bolyard Nails by Ally out of Unique Studio Hair Salon because it is awesome and consistent! I hate getting good nails one visit and crappy the next. Ally does them the same every time.”

“Ally Bolyard at Unique Salon. She’s professional, uses the most hygienic techniques.”

2021 best nail salons frederick md

38. Wormans Mill Nail and Spa

Wormans Mill Nail and Spa
1020 Mill Pond Rd Ste G
Frederick, MD 21701
(240) 439-4433

Quite the list, huh?

There’s something for everyone in this list of the best nail salons in Frederick Md.

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2021 Best Nail Salons in Frederick Md: Hands Down
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