10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland

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Finding the best ice cream in Frederick County isn’t hard when you have a Facebook page of readers who are always keepin’ it real!

So we asked them to tell us their favorite places for ice cream in Frederick and tell us why it’s their favorite.

We received a bunch of responses and tallied up the numbers!

What we ended up with was an awesome list of 10 places who never disappoint!

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland

We love the fact that these places are all over our large county of Frederick.

From Urbana, to Downtown Frederick, all the way to Thurmont, we’ve got you covered!

Based on our readers’ top picks, it’s not just the quality of the ice cream that determines their favorite, but it’s also the experience!

We’ve listed these establishments in popularity order based on the number of votes.

So, without further ado, here is your list!

1. Rocky Point Creamery Ice Cream

Rocky Point Creamery
Photo credit: Rocky Point Creamery

Rocky Point Creamery
4323 Tuscarora Rd
Tuscarora, MD 21790
(301) 874-5810

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland
Photo credit: Rocky Point Creamery

Anne A. “Rocky Point Creamery is THE BEST around, lots of flavors to choose from, great customer service, and they have gone above and beyond during this quarantine to safely serve. They even have milk, eggs, and meats available in their drive through.”

Lisa C. “I second Rocky Point! Family owned farm with the best ice cream!!”

Karen L. “Not only is the ice cream great – but family friendly and great place to take kids. They have cow seats to sit on and tractors to climb all over, even converted one with slides.”

Rebekah O. “Rocky Point! Love the no sugar added chocolate”

2. Little Red Barn Ice Cream

Little Red Barn
Photo credit: Little Red Barn

Little Red Barn
4610 Lander Rd
Jefferson, MD 21755
(301) 378-8100

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland
Photo credit: Little Red Barn

Ellen H. “The Liittle Red Barn in Jefferson-delicious soft serve from a local dairy, some South Mountain Creamery flavors and hand scooped Hersheys! Their milkshakes are the BEST and they also have delicious sandwiches and salads!”

Lorena A. “Little Red Barn is delicious! Yummy sandwiches too.”

Cathy R. “Little Red Barn is our favorite!

3. Sweet Babe’s Creamery

Sweet Babe's Creamery
Photo credit: Sweet Babe’s Creamery

Sweet Babe’s Creamery
3534B Urbana Pike
Urbana, MD 21704
(301) 639-4377

Tracy S. “Sweet Babe’s Creamery in Urbana. This small business owner is the best and always supports our local community.”

Sarah H. “Sweet Babe’s in Urbana. You can create your own sweet babes. The ice cream cake is to die for. During the fall she has apple dumplings. If you haven’t had it you gotta try it!”

Teresa R. “Sweet Babe’s Creamery in Urbana is amazing!”

4. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream
6960 Crestwood Blvd
Frederick, MD 21703
(240) 651-5817

Kelly B. “Bruster’s! Obsessed with their birthday cake and cotton candy flavors ? and it’s convenient to where I live”

Vanessa S. “Bruster’s is our go-to! Lots of different flavors (key lime is my favorite) & they even have a drive thru!”

Lorena A. “Bruster’s is delicious!”

Cheri T. “I love BRUSTER’S, not only for the great ice cream but because of the wonderful family who owns the business. Always the first to step up and donate for charitable causes. They have lots of friendly kids working for them who are learning a great work ethic. Also, the best mint chocolate chip flavor I’ve ever tasted!!! ??”

5. Beef ‘n Buns ‘n Paradise

Beef ‘n Buns ‘n Paradise
1201 E Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 631-0188

Loree G. “Beef & Buns for soft serve. The ice cream is delicious, the staff is wonderful, and, in normal times, we love to sit outside at the picnic tables”

6. South Mountain Creamery Ice Cream

South Mountain Creamery
Photo credit: South Mountain Creamery

South Mountain Creamery
8305 Bolivar Rd
Middletown, MD 21769
(844) 762-6455

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland
Photo credit: South Mountain Creamery

Mary T. “South Mountain Creamery has some of the best I’ve ever had”

Janice G. “South Mountain mint chip has chunks of dark chocolate ?”

7. Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream Co.

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland
Photo credit: Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream

Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream Co.
253 E Church St
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 631-5333

Krystal N. “Hidden gem, but the best I’ve had.”

Steven W. “Locally owned and has been a part of Downtown for a very long time.”

Ann S. (For those with dairy allergies) “I believe they have oat milk ice cream.”

8. Gateway Candyland

Gateway Candyland
14802 N Franklinville Rd
Thurmont, MD 21788
(301) 271-2322

9. Towpath Creamery

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland
Photo credit: Towpath Creamery

Towpath Creamery
12 S Maple Ave
Brunswick, MD 21716
(301) 969-6480

10. Jimmie Cone

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Frederick County Maryland
Photo credit: Jimmie Cone

Jimmie Cone
1312 S Main St
Mt Airy, MD 21771
(301) 829-6047

Celeste C. “Jimmie Cone! There is something about a super creamy soft serve with sprinkles that just can’t be beat”

Alicia B. “Jimmie Cone ! My family grew up on their soft serve with jimmies and Saturday night car shows!”

Now that we’ve totally tempted you, go get you some ice cream and let us know which flavor is your favorite!

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