59 Holiday Breakfast Ideas: A Delicious Start To The Day!

Having holiday breakfast ideas on hand is probably the last thing on your mind when preparing for everything else you need to be ready for the big day!

But the subject of a good holiday breakfast always comes up for us, right about Christmas Eve.

Holiday Breakfast Recipes

So I decided to put together a list of 59, mostly easy to make and filling holiday breakfast ideas that the whole family will enjoy around the breakfast table.

Christmas Day can be pretty busy and hectic visiting with family, transporting presents and enjoying the day.

So, to make your life simpler and less hungry, print out these recipes to make for a magical Christmas morning.

But first a little background as to why I felt the need to write this post.

Christmas Morning As a Child vs. As An Adult

When I was a child, I could not wait for Christmas morning.  It was such a magical time in my life.

The best part of it was getting up, putting my robe on, and walking downstairs to the basement to see a beautifully decorated tree.

Under the tree was always a bunch of wrapped presents for my 3 siblings and myself.

Fast forward to me now being the Mom who desperately wants to create this same sense of magic for her own child on Christmas morning.

While, at the same time, trying to be fully prepared with at least a few Christmas morning breakfast ideas.

Needless to say, the morning usually starts out around 6:00 am because our son is an early riser, especially on Christmas morning.

Typically, I will have had less sleep than normal because I stayed up late the night before wrapping presents, setting out Santa’s cookies and milk, and preparing for the long day ahead.

The preparation for traveling to several places throughout the day, spreading our Christmas cheer (ahem, a little sarcasm there) is always a lot!

Therefore, the last thing I normally think of is what to make for breakfast on Christmas morning.

Something that will fill us up and give us a good foundation for the rest of the day, which normally consists of picking here and there on cookies, appetizers, sodas, and candies.

59 Holiday Breakfast Ideas

After perusing the internet, I found 59 of my favorite Christmas breakfast ideas.

I purposely chose a variety of easy recipes to suit everybody’s tastes, some of which can be a make-ahead breakfast and cooked in the slow cooker.

As a matter of fact, I will most likely make 2 or 3 of these delicious recipes on our holiday morning.

1. Chocolate Gravy

Recipe from Miss in the Kitchen

With chocolate chips and cocoa powder, this chocolate gravy is so decadent!

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Chocolate Croissants

2. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants

Recipe from The Default Cook

3. Breakfast Strata

Recipe from Two Kooks in the Kitchen

If you’ve never had Strata, it’s like a crustless quiche with bread included in the ingredients.

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
French Toast Bake

4. French Toast Breakfast Sausage Bake

Recipe from White Kitchen Red Wine

5. Eggnog Pancakes

Recipe from Trendgredient

Add some maple syrup and you’ve got Heaven on a plate!

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Cinnamon Muffins

6. Cinnamon Muffins

Recipe from Housewives of Frederick County

7. Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Recipe from Blackberry Babe

Starting the day with fresh fruit is always a must in my book.

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Cinnamon Roll Casserole

8. Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Recipe from Blackberry Babe

9. Cranberry Gingerbread Loaf

Recipe from Brunch & Batter

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Eggnog Waffles

10. Eggnog Waffles

Recipe from Brunch & Batter

11. Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

Recipe from Waiting For Blancmange

With the perfect golden, flaky crust, this Puff Pastry Christmas Tree is a must for the holidays.

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls

12. Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls

Recipe from Waiting For Blancmange

13. Biscuits & Gravy Casserole

Recipe from Mimosas & Motherhood

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Christmas Cereal

14. Homemade Christmas Cereal

Recipe from The Family Food Kitchen

Yeah, probably not the healthiest of recipes, but look how fun it is!

This is a make-ahead recipe that you can have on-the-ready.

15. Maple Bacon Crack

Recipe from Swanky Recipes

Maple syrup and brown sugar equals the holidays to me!

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Baked Breakfast Cups

16. Baked Breakfast Cups

Recipe from Christina’s Cucina

You can substitute sweet potatoes for the white potatoes in this recipe to increase the fiber.

17. Breakfast Sliders

Recipe from Adventures of a Nurse

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

18. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Recipe from Christina’s Cucina

19. Christmas Fruit Salad

Recipe from Two Healthy Kitchens

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Mini Quiche Cups

20. Mini Quiche Cups

Recipe from Two Healthy Kitchens

21. Peppermint White Chocolate Sweet Rolls

Recipe from Three Olives Branch

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
French Toast Casserole

22. Overnight Eggnog French Toast Casserole

Recipe from Three Olives Branch

An overnight breakfast casserole is the perfect solution for a holiday breakfast!

23. Dutch Baby (German Pancakes)

Recipe from Gypsyplate

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Air Fryer Donuts

24. Christmas Air Fryer Donuts

Recipe from Two Kids and a Coupon

25. Grinch Pancakes

Recipe from Lynn’s Way of Life

These green buttermilk pancakes are the perfect Christmas breakfast for the kiddos after watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Hash Brown Egg Cups

26. Hash Brown Egg Cups

Recipe from I Heart Naptime

Using sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, eggs, and hash browns, these egg cups pack a breakfast punch!

27. Coffee Loaf Cake

Recipe from The Monday Box

Coffee Loaf Cake
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

28. Holiday Crescent Roll Ring

Recipe from Home Made Interest

Ya can’t get any better than crescent rolls and cream cheese for breakfast!

29. Orange & Cranberry Chelsea Buns

Recipe from Anna Banana

These breakfast buns are ‘next level’ and oh so festive!

Chelsea Buns
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

30. Pumpkin Banana Muffins

Recipe from Cooking Gorgeous

This is banana bread in muffin form!

Perfect for picking up and eating while you open gifts.

31. Sausage Spinach Quiche

Recipe from Two Cloves Kitchen

We always make quiche on holiday mornings.

Sprinkle some fresh herbs, like fresh rosemary on top and you have a healthy, delicious holiday breakfast.

Sausage Spinach Quiche
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

32. Cranberry Orange French Toast Cups

Recipe from That Lemonade Life

33. Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes

Recipe from Housewives of Frederick County

Pumpkin Pancakes
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

34. Tiramisu Overnight Oats

Recipe from Nutmeg and Vinegar

Greek Yogurt, Coffee, and Oats are the key ingredients in this delicious recipe.

35. Monkey Bread with Canned Biscuits

Recipe from Food Banjo

Monkey bread is next level sticky buns and I’m totally here for it!

Monkey Bread
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

36. Ham & Cheese Croissant Breakfast Casserole

Recipe from A Southern Soul

Not only could you make this easy breakfast casserole for your holiday breakfast, but also you can use this as one of your Christmas brunch recipes.

Use shredded swiss or Gruyere cheese for a delicious meal!

37. Hash Brown Egg Casserole

Recipe from Dinner at the Zoo

When it involves a casserole dish, you know it’ll be enough for the entire family and fill all the holiday bellies.

Hash Brown Egg Casserole
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

38. Orange Tea Ring Danish Wreath

Recipe from The Good Hearted Woman

Place sweet cranberries on top for the most festive holiday breakfast!

39. Apple Pie Porridge

Recipe from Through the Fibro Fog

Apple Pie Porridge
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

40. Eggnog Doughnuts

Recipe from The Simple Sweet Life

41. Egg Toast Cups

Recipe from Housewives of Frederick County

This is one of those surprisingly easy Christmas breakfast ideas that you can make in advance and reheat that morning.

Egg Toast Cups
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

42. Christmas Tree Waffles

Recipe from Ann’s Entitled Life

43. Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Muffins

Recipe from You Say Potatoes

Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Muffins
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

44. Star Bread

Recipe from Living Smart & Healthy

45. Blueberry Stuffed French Toast

Recipe from Jersey Girl Cooks

Blueberry Stuffed French Toast
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

46. Ultimate Sunday Breakfast Casserole

Recipe from Salty Side Dish

47. Very Berry Bread Pudding

Recipe from Piping Pot Curry

Berry Bread Pudding
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

48. Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

Recipe from Get Inspired Everyday

49. Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

Recipe from Swirls of Flavor

Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

50. Christmas Sheet Pan Pancakes

Recipe from Our Home Made Easy

51. Chocolate Baked Oatmeal

Recipe from Happy Honey Kitchen

Chocolate Baked Oatmeal
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

52. Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Recipe from Saving Room for Dessert

53. Eggs Benedict Casserole

Recipe from Chew Out Loud

Talk about a decadent breakfast! Oh my goodness! I have to try this recipe!

Eggs Benedict Casserole
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

54. Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Recipe from The Feathered Nester

55. Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats

Recipe from Savor the Spoonful

Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats
Holiday Breakfast Ideas

56. Nutella Babka

Recipe from Maplewood Road

57. Shakshuka with Spinach & Feta

Recipe from Panning the Globe

Holiday Breakfast Ideas

58. Hot Cocoa Pancakes

Recipe from The Soccer Mom Blog

59. Homemade Waffles

Recipe from Maplewood Road

Homemade Waffles

So there they are!  My top 59 holiday breakfast ideas.

I hope they’ve inspired you as much as they have inspired me to do more for Christmas morning breakfast than just grab a couple leftover cookies that Santa didn’t have time to eat.

If you make one or two of these recipes, it will start your morning off right and you will be more physically able to handle the festivities this day has to offer you.

Although this list is for holiday breakfast ideas, by all means, you don’t have to wait for another special occasion to make them!

They’re so good, go ahead and make them all year ’round!

Merry Christmas!

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Holiday Breakfast Ideas
Holiday Breakfast Ideas
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