Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

Buckeystown MD is a gorgeous, historic town located in Frederick County.

When I worked down in Montgomery County, I used to bail out off of Rt. 270 and cut through Buckeystown Md to get home.  

I always loved it because it was a much more scenic and serene route to drive, especially on a Friday afternoon after a hard week of working.  

However, something I’ve never done until recently was actually visit Buckeystown MD and learn it’s history.  

After finally taking a visit to Buckeystown Md, I realized there truly is something for everyone in historic Buckeystown MD.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

Buckeystown MD Has a Rich History & Family Friendly Things To Do

History of Buckeystown MD

To learn about the history of Buckeystown MD, I went to Wikipedia:

“The Buckeystown Historic District includes the majority of the small town of Buckeystown, MD, an unincorporated community located in Frederick County, Maryland, USA.

It is named for George Buckey, a tanner, and his brother, John Buckey, a blacksmith and tavern owner.

Buckeystown is on the U.S National Register of Historic Places and the Maryland Civil War Trail due to its rich history and beautiful examples of Queen Anne and Victorian style houses, along with a small commercial center.

The land Buckeystown now sits on was once called “Good Luck.”

A road that stretched from Pennsylvania to Florida bisected the town and sealed the area’s fate: it was the perfect place for enterprising families to settle.

The town grew due to the prosperity of several businesses which took advantage of the natural resources the location provided.

Two mills were located along the Monocacy River, which runs behind the southside of town, the tannery and an ice creamery utilized a natural spring, and a brickworks used the naturally occurring lime.

Buckeystown enjoyed 100 years of prosperity from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century.

Several wealthy families began to dominate the town’s social scene.

These families built the lavish mansions and proud stone homes which still grace the main streets today.

Buckeystown’s early industrial center gradually faded, leaving a well-preserved residential district with a particular emphasis on the 1870-1910 period.

The main thoroughfare, currently known as Buckeystown Pike or Maryland State Highway 85, was used during both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Soldiers marched through town towards decisive battles, following brave leaders including Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee.”

Buckeystown MD Park

Buckeystown Park

The first place Terri and I visited was Buckeystown Park.  

This park is open year round and is situated right alongside the Monocacy River.  

As you can see, it’s a beautiful park with nice tall shady trees, a pavilion with picnic tables, horseshoe pits, a nice playground, grills, and access directly to the river.

Monocacy River offers fishing and boating, which my family has taken advantage of several times by canoe.  

Monocacy River Water Trail
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

The Manor House in Buckeystown MD

As Terri and I drove out of the park, we passed a huge stone home up on the hill (pictured below) with an old stone retaining wall.  

Although it was tough to get a good look at it since it sits on a narrow curve on Michael’s Mill Road, it is absolutely gorgeous.

The Manor House was built in 1839 and was the home of the owners of Michael’s Mill.

Buckeystown, Md: Something for Everyone!

The Original Michael’s Mill

On the other side of the curve is the building below, which currently houses J.J. Crewe & Son, Inc. a compressor engineering and fabrication shop.  

It is the original Michael’s Mill.  

One of the earliest mills in Frederick County, Michael’s Mill operated from 1739 to 1957.  

Michael's Mill
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

To read more information about Michael’s Mill, check out MillPictures.com.

Monocacy River

The beautiful Monocacy River runs parallel to Michael’s Mill Road.

Buckeystown, Md: Something for Everyone!

Click on this link to give you a little sampling of how beautiful this river is: 

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

The picture above is a gorgeous private residence located in the center of Buckeystown MD

Buckeystown Pub

Our next stop was to Buckeystown Pub for a little lunch.  

Terri and I have recently discovered this ‘best kept secret’.

It’s definitely a ‘pub’ type of atmosphere – very casual.  

They offer the typical pub fare and alcoholic beverages.  

On the weekends they have karaoke nights and during the warm months they have live bands out on their patio.  

The outdoor patio is very inviting with picnic tables, a tiki style bar, large fans inside the ceiling of the shelter, a nice big stage for the bands, and in the lawn area: horseshoe pits and corn hole.  

We went to Buckeystown Pub a couple of weekends ago and got the All You Can Eat Crabs while sitting outside on their patio and listening to a great band.  

Buckeystown Pub

Buckeystown Pub used to be Tobery’s Meat Market years ago.  

Tobery's Meat Market

After lunch, we got back in the car and took a drive through the town.  

Maynes Tree Farm in Buckeystown MD

We stopped at Mayne’s Tree Farm first.  

Mayne's Tree Farm

My family visits this farm every year during the holiday season to cut down our own Christmas tree.  

They offer tractor rides out to the trees, you cut down your own, hitch a tractor ride back to the entrance, they bundle it up for you, you put it on top of your car, and you’re on your way!  

Mayne’s also has a pumpkin patch in the fall along with other fall activities.  

And throughout the year they offer fresh produce, including picking your own strawberries.  

Town of Buckeystown MD

As you drive through town, you can’t help but notice the gorgeous church (pictured below), Buckeystown United Methodist Church.  

Situated literally in the heart of the town of Buckeystown, this church was originally built in 1866.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

Driving through the streets of Buckeystown MD, you can see that many of the historic Victorian homes have plaques next to the front doors, indicating the year they were built.

Below is a majestic former residence that has now been converted into an antique store, Martin’s Field Antiques.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

Historic Architecture

There are some absolutely gorgeous mansions in this town.  

The house below was built in 1896 by John Baker, the son of William Baker, an entrepreneur of Buckeystown.  

It has beautiful Queen Anne architecture.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

Below is a photo of what used to be the Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast.

We’re not sure who is currently occupying it.

This beautiful home was originally built in 1897.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

Below, just one of the many historical homes in Buckeystown MD.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

National Register of Historic Places

The next picture is a plaque indicating that Buckeystown has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.

National Register of Historic Places
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

To read what the above marker says and learn a little bit more about Buckeystown’s history, go to HMdb.org – The Historical Marker Database.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

The bridge in the above photo crosses Rocky Fountain Creek.  

At the other end of this short bridge is DJ’s Catering & Services.

We haven’t tried it out yet, but their food looks amazing!

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!
Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!

The building to the right in the above photo used to be a gas station.  

It is now Bodmer’s Pottery.


“Carrollton” Patented for 10,000 acres to Charles and Daniel Carroll, Mary and Ellinor Carroll 1st April 1724.  

It was from this tract that Charles Carroll assumed the title “Charles Carroll of Carrollton” when signing the Declaration of Independence.

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!
Old General Store

The above photo is of the Old General Store, built in 1905.  

It is now The Dibs Collection, an antique and home decor store, open the 3rd weekend of every month, supporting Madison House Autism Foundation.

Chartreuse & Co in Buckeystown MD

Chartreuse & Co
Photo credit: Chartreuse & Co

And you can’t visit Buckeystown MD without visiting Chartreuse & Co.

This old farm has 3 large barns that are converted into a vintage-shabby-chic-finds paradise for weekend shoppers all over the DMV.

They’re open the 3rd weekend of every month.

So, be sure to mark your calendars and check them out!

Hedgeapple Farm

And last but not least on our afternoon tour of historic Buckeystown MD is Hedgeapple Farm.

Hedgeapple Farm

This farm dates back to the year 1731.  

It is currently a dairy and beef farm owned and run by the Jorgensen family.  

“Outreach programs and tours are conducted several times throughout the year to educate not only beef producers, but also members of the general public who are interested in farm life and the operation itself.”

This is just a small sampling of what the small historic town of Buckeystown MD has to offer.  

So, the next time you’re just passing through, take some time to stop and explore the town yourself.

And get a bite to eat at Buckeystown Pub.  

Crabs, beer, music and fun are their specialty.  

Don’t forget to tell them the Housewives of Frederick County sent ya!

Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!
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11 thoughts on “Buckeystown MD: Something for Everyone!”

  1. In 1954, I started first grade at the two-room school in Buckeystown, MD. First, second and slow third grades were in one room and third, fourth and fifth grades were taught in the second room. Students from Buckeystown went to Elm Street School in Frederick for sixth grade. The school was old when I started there. My family moved away after I completed third grade, and the school closed several years later. The building is now two apartments, I believe.

  2. Great blog! I’m off to Buckeystown today for historical research and just found your wonderful blog. Now I know what I’m doing tonight – reading the rest of your posts.

  3. Very nice! Am heading there this summer to revisit my family heritage in Buckeystown. Keller family – of which there are three homes on Buckeystown Pike originally built by a Keller, including the Inn you have pictured. My grandfather owned a gas station & repair shop (Johnathan Keller), my great grandfather (Edward L. Keller) owned a blacksmith and wheelwright shop, and my great great grandfather (Jonathan Keller) was a tailor. Edward L. Keller married Hattie L Michael – of the family of Michael’s Mill.

    • Hi Pat! Buckeystown is such a beautiful area! We LOVE hearing some of it’s history first-hand from you! Have a great trip! 🙂

  4. Thank you I enjoyed the blog. We would drive up from Chevy Chase MD to ‘the country’ to buy our Christmas tree from Mayne’s farm every year. We liked it so much we bought a Victorian opposite the farm and stayed.
    I agree lovely small town, some call it the Mayberry of Maryland.

    • Thank you Bonnie! How lucky are you to have a Victorian in Buckeystown! Such a quaint little town. We go to Mayne’s every year too for our Christmas tree. We’ve probably bumped into each other and never knew it. We also frequent Buckeystown Pub on karaoke nights. Fun place 🙂


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