You MIGHT Be an Identical Twin! In the Style of Jeff Foxworthy

You might be an identical twin!

You’d be right to say that this sentence doesn’t make any sense.

Either you ARE an identical twin or you’re NOT an identical twin.

You MIGHT Be an Identical Twin!

So let us say it again but we’ll say it the way Jeff Foxworthy says ‘You Might Be A Redneck!’

Does anyone remember, back in the day, he first presented his “You might be a Redneck” stand-up act?

It’s still hilarious to this day!

One of my favorites:  “You might be a redneck if you think ‘loading the dishwasher’ means getting your wife drunk!”

Writing in the ‘You-Might-Be-A’ Style

So, every once in a while, while writing a blog post, I think of something along the same lines of Jeff Foxworthy’s act.

My first thought was to write something relating to my struggles with weight.

Something to the effect of “You might be a fat girl if….”

The more I thought about that, the more I realized that would have been just SAD!

And it probably would have been a bit offensive!

I tend to be quite self-deprecating, so I will bounce potential “you might be a fat girl if’s” on my kids.

You MIGHT Be an Identical Twin! In the Style of Jeff Foxworthy

They love it, but I opted to go with another characteristic about myself – BEING AN IDENTICAL TWIN.

What is it like to be an identical twin?

I wrote a post back in March (2013) about what it’s like being an identical twin here.

Here’s a great article with 11 Facts About Twins That Make Them Even Cooler Than You Already Thought.

I didn’t even know the first fact, and that is that identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.

Wow! Who knew?

Anyway, I wanted to create something that identical twins could relate to in the form of a quick and dirty list.

And, of course use a little humor thrown in ๐Ÿ™‚

So, if you are an identical twin, have identical twins, know identical twins, wish you had an identical twin or are just simply interested in identical twins – then, here goes!!

So here’s my list.

Just start the sentence with ‘If’ and end it with ‘You Might Be An Identical Twin’!

You MIGHT Be an Identical Twin – Jeff Foxworthy style!!

  1. You’ve got a built-in “stunt double”……. 
  2. It’s the norm for random strangers to act like they know you……
  3. You’ve experienced at least one time where you saw yourself in the mirror, but thought it was your sibling instead……
  4. It doesn’t surprise you to see strangers staring at you, and at times you feel a bit like a freak show…… 
  5. Playing pranks on your husband by putting your sibling on the phone is just too funny because he thinks it’s you without a doubt…… 
  6. You have discovered that you are quite co-dependent since you’ve had a built-in best friend all your life…… 
  7. Buying new make-up, clothes, or a getting a new hairstyle requires no hesitation because you’ve seen how good it looks on your sibling……
  8. You get away with buying one membership to a gym or pool and share it with your sibling as long as you don’t go at the same time……
  9. The question, “When one of you has pain, can the other feel it?” has been asked at least a thousand times…….
  10. Your sibling’s kids accidentally call you mommy on a regular basis……
  11. All of your life, you have shared a birthday and many gifts with your sibling…….
  12. Switching classes with your sibling and tricking your teachers was a common occurrence ……
  13. You often complete your sibling’s sentences and vice versa, without blinking an eye ……
  14. While looking at old pictures of the two of you, you can’t identify whether it’s you or your sibling…..
  15. Nicknames like Pete and Repeat, Frick and Frack, The Doublemint Twins, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 are normal for you…….
  16. Someone calls your sibling’s name and you automatically turn around to see if they’re talking to you……
  17. As you’ve gotten older, you come to realize that one of the greatest gifts in your life is your sibling……

Add more to our list if you’re an identical twin too

Hope you enjoyed this!

If you are a twin or have twins feel free to add some that I’ve missed!

It’s fun to realize that these things don’t happen to just anybody!

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