10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

We have handpicked 10 Thanksgiving desserts to finish off your meal and give you more reasons to be thankful!

Variety is the spice of life, so we’ve included different types of Thanksgiving desserts, like:

  • Cookies
  • Mousse
  • Cheesecake
  • Dessert Bars
  • Pie
  • Brownie Bites

Thanksgiving Desserts Of Every Type!

Most of the year we all try to do our best to eat healthy, exercise, be good, do everything in moderation, yada, yada, yada!

Well, doggone it! We just want one day a year where we can just eat to our heart’s content and not feel bad about it!

Can we get an AMEN?

So, with that rebellious spirit, we would like to share with you some REALLY good looking & sinful Thanksgiving desserts.

1. Pumpkin Mousse Thanksgiving Desserts

The first recipe I found looks simply heavenly!

It’s a beautiful Pumpkin Mousse recipe made by Over the Tipsy Top Design.

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

I could just dive into this one head first!

This recipe takes some time and a good amount of ingredients.

In addition, it includes rum as an optional ingredient.

Not as easy as other dessert recipes I’ve seen, but the outcome looks well worth it!

2. Pilgrim Hat Cookies

The second recipe that caught my eye was this Pilgrim Hat Cookies recipe from Woman’s Day Magazine.

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Aren’t these just too cute?

There are only 3 ingredients to this recipe and they take no time to make.

These are especially good for the little ones.

They’ll love to see a tray full of these when they walk through the door.

3. New Orleans Bourbon Praline Cheesecake Thanksgiving Desserts

The third recipe I found is from a site called Chef Jamika.

It’s a New Orleans Bourbon Praline Cheesecake.

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

This sweet creation has a graham cracker crust with a bourbon cream cheese filling and a praline topping.

4. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

The fourth recipe choice is these Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

This is a pretty traditional cheesecake recipe with a traditional crust and cream cheese filling.

However it also includes granny smith apples, a streusel topping with oats and brown sugar, and caramel to top it off.

It’s like a hybrid of cheesecake and apple pie. Yum!!

5. Pecan Pie Cookies Thanksgiving Desserts

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

Recipe # 5 comes from a site called Bakers Royale.

I give you Pecan Pie Cookies!

Okay, these could very well be my favorite recipe thus far.

I absolutely LOVE pecan pie!

But to have it in the form of a cookie with chocolate drizzled on top?

Well, it should be illegal, but thankfully it’s not!

If you try this recipe, please comment on my post and let me know how they turned out.

6. Chocolate Chess Pie

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

My 6th recipe reminds me so much of my late mother-in-law.

She was the sweetest, most generous lady I’ve ever known and I miss her so much.

Every holiday she made a to-die-for chocolate pie.

What I loved about it was it tasted like chocolate fudge but also like a brownie with pie crust.

Dollop some whipped cream on it and I forget where I am.

I don’t have my mother-in-law’s actual recipe, but this looks to be very similar.

It’s is called Chocolate Chess Pie from a website called Crunchy Rock.

7. Salted Caramel Brownie Bites Thanksgiving Desserts

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

Number 7 comes from a site called Bake It in a Cake.

These are called Fran’s Salted Caramel Brownie Bites with Salted Caramel Buttercream.

Oh my goodness, I would love to try these!

I never thought I’d like the salt/caramel combination until I tried a salted caramel cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake.

I honestly went to another dimension while I was eating it.

If you haven’t tried anything salted caramel, I highly recommend it!

8. Apple Pie Bars

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

My 8th recipe comes from a site called Culinary Couture.

These are called Apple Pie Bars.

I don’t know what is is with me and dessert bars, but I just love them!

Maybe because they don’t require a plate or a fork.

You can just pick one up and pop it in your mouth.

These Apple Pie Bars look so rich and flavorful.

They’re not the typical apple pie taste because they have butterscotch chips in them, but I’d be willing to bet that they’re delicious!

Adding walnuts to them would be even tastier!

9. Key Lime Pie Thanksgiving Desserts

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

Recipe # 9 comes from Southern Living and is featured on My Recipes.

It is Key Lime Pie.

This dessert recipe would be a great choice if your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be later in the day or evening.

As much as you think you’ll be able to fit everything in, once you’ve eaten that big dinner, you’re going to want something light and tangy to finish off the day.

Key Lime Pie is the perfect solution.

You can’t go wrong with it.

10. Pumpkin Pie

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!

And finally, last but not least, my # 10 recipe is something you can’t do without on Thanksgiving Day – the traditional Pumpkin Pie.

This Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe is from a site called 123 Homeschool For Me.

My husband and son are more into the simple, traditional type of desserts, like this pumpkin pie.

Needless to say, we always have at least one pumpkin pie in the house at all times from October until the end of the year!

So there’s my ooey gooey, delectable, sinful, ridiculously good, insane, over the top Thanksgiving Desserts list!

I hope you find one that inspires you enough to make it for your guests on Thanksgiving Day!

And if you do, please comment and let me know how it turned out.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and Black Friday is a great day to do everything in moderation again – except for the shopping part!

10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!
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3 thoughts on “10 Best Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Be Thankful For!”

  1. AMEN! I struggle all the time with the weight issue and always have to think about what I am about to put in my mouth….Thanksgiving is the one day I don’t think twice….I am going to eat whatever I want and worry about it another day. I love this holiday, so no dieting for me….I am definitely going to try a few of those luscious recipes…thanks for sharing! You ladies have a great Thanksgiving and please pass my wishes to your lovely Mom.

    • Thank you for that AMEN Nancy!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and let me know how your recipes turn out! I’ll be sure to pass along your wishes to my Mom.
      Take care,


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