5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay

If you’ve never been to Folly Beach, or you just need more great reasons to go again, read on.

I promise you will thank me for this!

Folly Beach is a great family Summer Vacation destination

You know how during the “dog days of summer”, you start seeing Halloween stuff out in the stores?

And in your head you’re thinking, “um, no.”

Well, if you do a search on beach condos and houses for next summer, you’ll already notice that some rentals are starting to book up.

Especially, if you have specific criteria like beachfront, pet-friendly, a pool, etc.

My family’s vacay this summer was to Folly Beach, South Carolina.

Evidence of a great place to stay at the beach is when there are countless books, fiction and non-fiction, written about that destination.

Amazon has pages and pages of book listings about Folly Beach.

5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay

Ready for a Beach Vacation

Over the last few years, we have spent our week-long vacation only 2 hours away from home in gorgeous Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.

So, this year we were ready for a beach vacation!

We had never been to Folly Beach but had heard that it was really nice.

Although I despise long drives, I LOVE to explore new places.

So, Folly Beach won my vote (and when I say it won my vote, that meant my husband and my kids’ votes too – ha!)!

We ended up finding an oceanfront condo that met our criteria (clean, well-kept, good size, pet-friendly) through Folly’s Best Rentals.

I must say that the rental process was very easy and pleasant.

Folly’s Best Rentals was extremely accommodating and we had everything we wanted and needed for our vacation.

I’d totally rent through them again!

Nice Vacation Rentals

We all absolutely loved our Folly Beach vacation!

Here are 5 reasons Folly Beach should be YOUR next summer vacay!

#1  It’s in the South!

When you travel to a different part of the country, you get a taste of a different culture.

Here’s what I LOVE about the South:

  • Palm trees!!  The type of Palm tree on the coast of South Carolina is called the Palmetto tree.  I mean, nothing says beach like a Palm tree, in my opinion!
  • White beaches!  Once you stay at a SC beach, you may not enjoy other beaches.  I’ve been so spoiled by the sand in SC beaches (we’ve vacationed in Hilton Head, SC several times), that I don’t enjoy the beaches closer-to-home as much.  The sand is also pretty packed down on SC beaches, which makes for easier walking and biking right on the beach!
  • Southern Hospitality!  Everybody is so nice.  Seriously.  You know that saying, “Y’all come back now, ya hear?” Well, they mean it!
  • Slower pace!  It’s such a breath of fresh air to experience a way of life that is more laid-back and less “rat race”.

#2  The Folly Beach Fishing Pier

  • The Folly Beach Fishing Pier is like a one-stop shop!  You can rent fishing rods and buy bait right there at the Gangplank Gift and Tackle Shop!  There is also a restaurant (Locklear’s Beach City Grill), bathrooms, showers and beach access.5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay
  • Exercise!  A great place to do some walking while taking in the sea air and the gorgeous views of the ocean and beach!
  • Bird-watching! Don’t miss out on seeing some amazing Folly Beach birds!
  • Play Pokemon Go!  My sons soon discovered that there were Pokemon to be caught on the pier!

#3  Center Street

  • Shopping!  Surf shops and Beach stores – it’s reminiscent of walking on a boardwalk.5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay
  • Restaurants and bars!  Woody’s Pizza, The Crab Shack, Taco Boy and Rita’s Seaside Grille – just to name a few!
  • Walking and People-Watching!
  • Bring your dog!  Folly Beach LOVES dogs!  This is one of the things that attracted me to this beach area.  You’ll see people driving golf carts with their dogs riding along – it’s a dog-lover’s dream! And, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Stella, loved our Folly Beach trip!
  • Live music!  If you’re on Center Street, or near it (our condo was 2 blocks from Center Street), you will get to hear live music coming from several different restaurants and bars.  I fondly remember sitting in our parked golf cart while waiting for my husband, and enjoying reggae music from a nearby restaurant. Love it!

#4  Charleston is So Close!

  • The Old South!  I highly recommend going to the downtown area of Charleston and taking a horse-drawn carriage tour!  This was one of the highlights of our vacation for me.  Absolutely gorgeous homes, architecture and landscaping.  And, you get a history lesson from your guide!Close Proximity to Charleston
  • Great restaurants!  The day we went to Charleston, we started out at The Daily for a delicious coffee.  After walking through the market and going on our carriage tour, we decided to do lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant.
  • Two words – Seafood Hushpups. THE best ever! UPDATE: Unfortunately, as of 2021, this restaurant is now closed 🙁5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay
  • Historic King Street Shopping!  CharlestonsFinest.Com is a great resource to learn about the “antiques, art galleries, book stores, children’s clothing, chocolate, cosmetics, gifts, handbags, lingerie, home decor, lighting, women’s and men’s fashions, stationery, restaurants, and lodging — each with its own sense of style and flavor” on King Street.5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay

#5  The Vibe!

  • Bohemian!  The definition of bohemian is having informal and unconventional social habits.  Folly Beach is most definitely informal (and I love that), and if being unconventional (drinking a “Pain Killer” at lunch, soaking in the sun after breakfast, walking around town barefooted) is wrong, I just don’t care to be right!A Town with a Bohemian Vibe
  • The people!  My experience is that the majority of the people I came across in Folly Beach had a happy, laid-back, beach bum, life-is-good kind of vibe.
  • The shops and restaurants!  The establishments in Folly definitely have a surfer, Caribbean vibe. It helps that there are Palm trees and reggae music playing too!  My kind of place!
  • Nature!  The beach, the salt air, the Spanish moss, the Oak trees, the Palm trees, the sounds of seagulls, watching the Pelicans dive into the ocean – all of this contribute to the very peaceful vibe you get at Folly Beach.5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay
5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay

So, while you’re surfing the internet on your phone, be sure to search for Folly Beach rentals for your next summer vacay.

You won’t be sorry!

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5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay

13 thoughts on “5 Reasons Folly Beach Should Be Your Next Summer Vacay”

  1. I loved reading about Folly Beach and the pictures!!! Someplace I had never heard of but would love to go there one day!! It looks like a perfect vacation destination!! Thank you for all the information!!!

  2. We attended my niece’s sunset wedding on Folly Beach a few weeks ago and it was beautiful. The reception was at a great oceanfront beach house and the weather was perfect. The night ended with a great fireworks display over the ocean that the the town put on for Labor Day weekend.

    This was our first visit there as well, and we were only there for the weekend, but would love to go back. We also toured Charleston briefly and have that on our list for a repeat visit as well. Thanks for the nice writeup of your trip and tips for future visits!

  3. Hi! Found this on the Folly FB page. We are going to Folly in two weeks from Iowa so your post is perfect timing! We are staying in one of the condos also. Question, when you spent time at the beach did you go in front of the condos and just bring your own chairs or did you go down by the pier and rent chairs/umbrella? I see you mention the golf kart, how often did you rent/use one? And how were the pools at the condo? Thanks for the help, we can’t wait to go!!!

    • Hi Stacey! Where we stayed (about 2 blocks from Center St. down Arctic Ave.), we had a lifeguard on our beach so we just arranged for chairs and an umbrella for the week. I think it was about $100 to do that for the week which was worth it to us since the lifeguard sets it up for you. We rented a golf cart ahead of time for the whole week. Because we were so close to Center St. we probably didn’t really need to rent one, but it was so fun to hop in the the golf cart and get an up close and personal view of the island. We drove to each end and it was just beautiful, especially if you go as the sun is setting. We didn’t have a pool where we stayed – we would have loved that though! Feel free to friend me on FB if you have any other questions like good restaurants, etc!

  4. We love that you came to stay with us at Folly’s Best Rentals and we are even more thrilled that you took time to share about our awesome beach town! Thanks so much!!


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