65 Best Super Bowl Snacks

Looking for some inspiration for incredibly delicious super bowl snacks?

Well, I’ve got your covered with amazing recipes from cheesy dips, finger foods, appetizers, bowl recipes, breads, main dishes, desserts & more!

Back in the day, as early as I can remember, my entire family (major football fans) would gather around the TV every Sunday for a football party.

Naturally, it was my favorite time of the week where we all cheered on the same team, hung out together, laughed, got mad at the refs, and had an excuse to eat for 3 hours straight.

As always, the big day, Super Bowl Sunday, or any game day for that matter, is full of food and fun!

Super Bowl Snacks

65 Best Super Bowl Snacks: From Appetizers to Desserts

Needless to say, there’s always a big game happening.

For instance, there’s the NFL playoffs, the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Olympics, NASCAR, the World Cup, the NBA Finals, The Masters, Wimbledon….

The list goes on and on.

And it doesn’t even have to specifically be a Super Bowl party.

Really, all you need is a football game, family, and friends.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a bag of potato chips and store-bought dip, just refer back to this Super Bowl Snacks arsenal.

Why are game days so important?

Here’s a great article on Why Sports Fans Are Sports Fans, “Sports bonds you to other people”.

Cesar Chavez quote

So I decided to hit up my food blogger friends round up a smorgasbord of recipes for the best Super Bowl snacks.

What Is Game Day Food?

Game Day food is food for a crowd that you can make a lot of and that people can easily eat sitting while around the TV.

In this case, I received such a tremendous response for game day appetizers that I divided it into food categories.

There are even a copycat recipe or two scattered throughout my list.

Because I couldn’t fit all of the pictures into collages for some of the categories, make sure to read each item on each list of recipes.

The pictured recipes are listed first and then the recipes I couldn’t fit in collages are listed after.

In addition, I’ve included the links to each recipe so you can just click and print!

Party Dips

Best Super Bowl Snacks: Party Dip Recipes

When it comes to Super Bowl dips, your base ingredients will typically be cream cheese, sour cream, and varying kinds of cheese, easily found at your local grocery store.

And don’t forget to grab a few bags of crispy tortilla chips!

Scroll down for these tasty, delectable, flavorful dip recipes to feed a large crowd:

  1. Cowboy Caviar with Black Eyed Peas & Fresh Herbs: Housewives of Frederick County (My delicious recipe!)
  2. Cheesy Kale & Artichoke Creamy Dip: Ann’s Entitled Life
  3. Warm Blue Cheese Dip: Thrifty Jinxy
  4. Mexican Fiesta Black Bean Hummus: Two Healthy Kitchens
  5. Easy Mozzarella Cheese Pizza Dip: Cincy Shopper
  6. Kickin’ Corn Off the Cob Dip: Ann’s Entitled Life
  7. Creamy Bacon Dip: Savvy Saving Couple
  8. Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, & Mushroom Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets: Housewives of Frederick County
  9. Copycat Fritos Refried Beans Dip: Thrifty Jinxy
  10. Cheesy Hot Bean Dip: Thrifty Jinxy
  11. Cheesy Jalapeno Dip: Andrea’s Notebook
  12. Ground Beef Taco Meat Dip: Mom vs The Boys
  13. Easy Chile Relleno Dip: Farm Fresh Feasts
  14. Baked Artichoke & Arugula Dip: Farm Fresh Feasts
  15. Bacon Cheeseburger Tomato Jam Dip: Farm Fresh Feasts
  16. Buffalo Butternut Squash Hummus: Farm Fresh Feasts
  17. Cincinnati Skyline Chili Dip: My Heavenly Recipes
  18. Chunky Lime Salsa: My Heavenly Recipes
  19. The Only Guacamole Recipe You’ll Ever Need: My Heavenly Recipes
  20. Sausage Dip Packed with Veggies: My Heavenly Recipes
  21. Eggplant, White Bean & Spinach Dip with Homemade Cheddar Crackers: Caroline’s Cooking
  22. Cowboy Caviar: Spicy Black Beans, Corn, & Fresh Tomato Salsa: The Jenny Evolution

Finger Food Super Bowl Snacks

Best Super Bowl Snacks: Finger Foods

Lots of these handheld appetizers can be made in the air fryer as well as the cooking methods listed in each recipe:

  1. Loaded BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato Fries: Housewives of Frederick County
  2. Bacon Cheeseburger Eggrolls: Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats
  3. Grey Poupon Ham & Cheese Rollups: My Heavenly Recipes
  4. Beer Battered French Fries: Living Sweet Moments
  5. Fried Macaroni & Cheese Bites: Thrifty Jinxy
  6. Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) Party Meatballs: Cincy Shopper
  7. Fried Cheese Stuffed Doritos: Thrifty Jinxy
  8. Kicked Up Snack Mix: Thrifty Jinxy – Like Chex Mix with a spicy kick
  9. Baked Puff Pastry Brie Bites with Pecans & Brown Sugar: Housewives of Frederick County
  10. Mozzarella Stick Caprese Bites: Thrifty Jinxy
  11. Cuban Sandwich Bites: Thrifty Jinxy
  12. Stuffed Mushrooms, Jimmy Dean Style: Housewives of Frederick County
  13. Feta, Pepper, & Spinach Cups: Happy Deal Happy Day
  14. Mildly-Thai Salmon Cakes: Caroline’s Cooking
  15. Homemade Olive Oil Crackers: Lavende & Lemonade
  16. Chili Cornbread Cups: Lavende & Lemonade

Bowl Recipes For a Crowd

Best Super Bowl Snacks: Bowl Recipes
  1. Crock-Pot Crazy Pineapple Chili: Two Healthy Kitchens
  2. Better For You Chicken Burrito Bowl Recipe: Savvy Saving Couple
  3. Garlic Lime Shrimp Recipe: Savvy Saving Couple
  4. Tangy, Baked Honey Lime Chicken: Savvy Saving Couple
  5. Slow Cooker Chili with Sweet Potatoes: Farm Fresh Feasts

Delicious Super Bowl Snacks with Bread

Best Super Bowl Snacks: Bread Appetizers
  1. Easy Pepperoni Bread: Two Healthy Kitchens (You can use store-bought pizza dough to save time)
  2. Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta: Happy Deal Happy Day
  3. Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Bread: Living Sweet Moments

Main Dish Super Bowl Snacks

Best Super Bowl Snacks: Main Dish recipes
  1. Football Shaped Meatloaf: Thrifty Jinxy
  2. Honey Chipotle Wings: Cincy Shopper
  3. Ham & Swiss Sliders: Cincy Shopper
  4. Easy Crockpot BBQ Pulled Chicken: The Jenny Evolution
  5. Pretzel Roll Sliders: Farm Fresh Feasts
  6. Sweet Mango Barbecue Chicken Wings: Mom vs The Boys
  7. Adobo Pulled Pork Sandwiches: My Heavenly Recipes
  8. Slow Cooker Beer & Brown Sugar Chicken Sliders: Lilacs & Lace

Nachos & Tacos

Best Super Bowl Snacks: Nachos and Tacos Recipes
  1. Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos: Two Healthy Kitchens
  2. Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken for Tacos & Taquitos: Caroline’s Cooking
  3. Salmon Tacos: Caroline’s Cooking
  4. Roasted Sweet Potato Nachos: Farm Fresh Feasts
  5. Tater Tot Nachos: My Heavenly Recipes
  6. Taco Bites: Gator Mommy Reviews
  7. Make Your Own Layered Taco Dip Bar: Farm Fresh Feasts

Super Bowl Desserts

Best Super Bowl Snacks: Desserts
  1. Hershey Kiss Pretzels: My Heavenly Recipes
  2. Snickers Rice Krispy Treat Football: Thrifty Jinxy
  3. Football Snickers Brownies: Thrifty Jinxy

And last but not least, JELLO SHOTS!  Just use jello in the colors of your favorite sports team!

Ours is the Washington Football Team!

football team jello shooters

This list of game day menu recipes is really all you need to have yourself an enjoyable, and filling, game day with your friends and family!

Do you have any trusty game day recipes that are a must-have for your gathering?

If so, please let us know in the comments!

Because you can’t have too many good recipes!


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Best Super Bowl Snacks
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