6 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You On Plan

Figuring out the best Weight Watchers breakfast ideas, that will keep you on plan, doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Finding the right recipes that fit into your lifestyle AND within your points parameters makes your breakfast choices super easy!

We here at Housewives of Frederick County absolutely LOVE breakfast!

So we’ve rounded up our favorite, tried and true Weight Watchers breakfast ideas.

With these Weight Watchers breakfast ideas you’ll already know the points value before you even get the ingredients out.

Knowledge is power, right?

Our roundup will have you covered for just about the entire week.

Each recipe specifies the Smart Points values as well as the old Points Plus values.

Weight Watchers Breakfast ideas

1. Zucchini Quiche Muffins – Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas

6 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You On Plan

First up is our ever popular Zucchini Quiche Muffins.

With 2.5k pins on Pinterest, you know they’ve got to be good!

These are SO easy to make, so delicious, and very low in SmartPoints!

The old Points Plus system calculated these muffins at 2 points per muffin.

But the new Smart Points system has them down to only 1 point per muffin.

Amen to that!

Why yes, I’ll have another!

2. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia Seed Pudding

Next up is our delicious and satisfying Chia Seed Pudding.

Don’t let this little glass of goodness fool you!

A serving of this chia see pudding is a power breakfast like no other.

With 5 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber and more antioxidants in chia seeds than any other whole food, including blueberries, you have got to try this recipe just for it’s pure health value.

This recipe makes 2 servings.

The old Points Plus value per serving was 3.5 points.

The new Smart Points value per serving is 6 points.

Yes, this is definitely a higher points value than our other breakfast recipes, but considering the power punch of nutrients, it’s worth the extra points.

3. Quinoa Breakfast Scramble – Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas

6 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You On Plan

This Quinoa Breakfast Scramble recipe is so delicious and extremely satisfying.

No, it’s not pretty, but it sure is good!

Being gluten free, quinoa is ideal for those who suffer with food allergies.

Quinoa is also an excellent ingredient for diabetics due to it’s carbohydrate content being low-glycemic.

Please note that I calculated the points based on the fact that I prefer larger servings.

However, I’ve heard from fellow Weight Watchers members that 1/2 of this recipe is plenty as 1 serving.

Therefore, the Points Plus Value would be 6 PPV per serving.

And the Smart Points Value would be 5.5 SP per serving.

Mix cooked quinoa in with some beaten eggs and a little bit of half and half, chopped tomatoes, and chopped spring onions, and you have yourself a great breakfast to start your day off right.

4. Egg Toast Cups

Healthy Egg Toast Cups

These Egg Toast Cups happen to be my personal favorite Weight Watchers breakfast recipe.

These vessels of sunny side up goodness are 5 Smart Points and 4 Points Plus per serving.

The recipe makes 6 servings, so there will most likely be leftovers.

Refrigerating leftovers is no problem as they re-heat beautifully.

Make a batch on a Sunday and you’ll have breakfast ready to heat up on your busy weekday mornings.

5. Kale & Parmesan Souffle – Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas

6 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You On Plan

Before making this Kale & Parmesan Souffle, I had never attempted making a souffle because I was too intimidated.

But it looked so darn good and with only 5 Smart Points and 4 Points Plus per serving, I had to try it out.

One lesson I learned making this amazingly delicious recipe is that you must use the proper size souffle dish.

If not, it won’t rise to it’s full potential.

Nonetheless, this was super fun to make and even more fun to eat!

Mmm mmm good!

6. Breakfast Omelet in a Mug

6 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You On Plan

And, last but certainly not least is our Breakfast Omelet in a Mug recipe.

If you LOVE eggs and you LOVE avocado {raises hand}, then you’re going to ADORE this recipe!

With only 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus Value AND 3 Smart Points value, this is the easiest, most delicious use of minimal Weight Watchers points for breakfast.

For more Weight Watchers breakfast ideas, go to Weight Watchers, or WW’s, daily feed for their 19 Breakfast Ideas to Try.

What are your favorite Weight Watchers friendly recipes?

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6 Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You On Plan
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